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> USU Board of Trustees activity results


The activity results for 2016

Twenty five years have passed since the foundation moment of the USU Board of Trustees. For the time of its existence the Board of Trustees not only takes an active part in the life of the university but it determines the university’s development strategy.

The Board of Trustees in 2016continued carrying out its activity in conformity with the Board’s Charter, the plans of work for one year and purpose-oriented programs.

In 20161721,0 thousand roubles were allocated for purpose-oriented programs.

The USU Board of Trustees since its first days has taken custody of talented students and students from underprivileged backgrounds.

For 2016143 students received social scholarships from the Board of Trustees on a total sum of 1018,0 thousand roubles. Apart from social scholarships some members of the Board of Trustees pay special scholarships to 41 students from socially unprotected categories with good academic performance. These members are Nail Alimov, Alexander Arkhipov, Mirkasim Arifullin, Anatoly Grylyov, Anatoly Elenkin, Grigory Balykhin, Vladimir Shamanov, Grigory Myasnikov, Alexander Polyakov, Evgeny Nikiforov, Sergey Kurkov, Maxim Rabinovich, Anatoly Shmelyov, Alexander Lizogubov, Larisa Smirnova, Valery Savelyev, Sergey Pavlov, Emil Elyas.

The amount of money paid monthly by the trustees reaches 1,5 up to 10,0 thousand roubles per recipient. The overall amount of scholarships for 2016reached 576,0 thousand roubles.

703,0 thousand roubles were allocated for the program of strengthening the material and resource base of the university in 2016. The program was fulfilled by 108%.

In the program implementation for strengthening the material and resource base of the university the significant contribution was made by: Sergey Kolesnikov, the President of Techno Nichole Corporation, on the construction of the biathlon route at Sports Center Dawn; Vyacheslav Borodin, the CEO of “Ksenia mebel” Ltd., equipping classrooms with furniture within a year; Herman Yemelyanov, the CEO of Simbirsk-Ram-Service, Ltd. who has equipped separate educational classrooms with necessary equipment and has provided renovation of some classrooms.

Significant financial support in the current year has been given by: Grigory Myasnikov- the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC Prominvest, Nail Alimov- the CEO of Zapad Investment Construction Company, Mirkasim Arifullin- the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Smart management groups, the Notarial Chamber of the Ulyanovsk region (representative Larisa Smirnova), Alexander Lizogubov- the CEO of CJSC AKOR EEEK, Vladimir Zheltov- the Director of LLCCompany Prodtorg, Alexander Polyakov- the President of Group of companies “Spektr”, Sergey Kurkov- the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Universalstroy Group, Maxim Rabinovich- the Director General of JSC Mashtorgservice, Evgeny Nikiforov- the Chairman of the Board of Directors of LLCDiamix, Anatoly Elenkin- the Chairman of the Board of Directors of LLCUlyanovskmebel, Anatoly Shmelyov- the CEO of LLC“Silen”, Igor Pevko- the Chairman of the Board of Directors of LLCYupiter Inkorporeyted, Emil Elyas- the Chairman of the Association of Russian-speaking graduates of the Soviet and Russian higher education institutions in Israel etc.

Specialized departments

Also trustees pay a lot of attention to work of the university’s specialized departments which is directed to providing the students, graduate students and scientists of the university with educational, methodical and research work, expansion and strengthening of scientific communications of the university with manufacturing enterprises interested in attracting highly qualified young specialists.

Trustees continue to take part in work of the Russian-German Center of culture, education, science and innovations, the International Linguocultural Center of Saint-Exupéry, the Russian-Chinese Center of Strategic Partnership (The international Academy of Chi kung and Tai chi).

The university with participation of trustees more and more actively establishes partnership and signs cooperation contracts with the enterprises and organizations of the region. Such interaction allows it to identify more precisely the purposes and tasks of the university under contemporary conditions, to realize the mechanisms of improving educational programs, scientific and innovative practical activities, consulting and other services, and also to raise the role of the university in the region development. At the same time the main incentive was and remains mutual interest in quality improvement of specialists’ training.

. Ten specialized departments have been opened only in recent years:

Department of radiation technologies at JSC RC NIIAR;

Department of digital technologies in aircraft production at JSC Aviastar-SP and the Center of Competences (Aviastar-USU);

Department of information technologies and information security at JSC NPO MARS (Eduard Pavlygin);

Department of antimonopoly regulation at the FAS Administration across the Ulyanovsk region (Gennady Spichagov);

Department of municipal management at the city administration of Ulyanovsk (Bespalova M. P.);

Department of Notaries at the Notarial Chamber of the region;

Department of bank information technologies at the BIN BANK branch in Ulyanovsk;

Department of culture and art at the ministry of art and cultural policy of the Ulyanovsk region;

Department of legal proceedings at the Office of the Federal Bailiff Service across the Ulyanovsk region;

Department of safety in technosphere at the Educational station of the Federal Firefighting Service.


In 2015the Board of Trustees continued performing the activities according to the Charter of the Board of Trustees and the annual plan of work and target programs.

There are 64full members in the Board of whom 28members honorary. The President of the Board of Trustees has been the Governor Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region S. I. Morozov for a period of more than 10years.

The Board of Trustees in 2015continued implementing the following programs:

support of the best students and students receiving social benefits who are orphan children and children without parental support (the number of students of this category annually increases more than by 30people);

international activities of Ulyanovsk State University;

assistance in strengthening material and technical resources of the university.

During 20151 million 403thousand rubles were allocated for target programs despite a difficult economic situation. Patrons have continued to give assistance to the USU Board of Trustees in accomplishment of important objectives to support children orphans and children without parental support, among the students of the university. Significant financial support to the university was given last year by Chairman of the board of directors of “Zapad” investment real estate development company Nail Alimov, Chairman of the board of directors “Smart management group” Mirkasim Arifullin, Chairman of the board of directors of CJSC Prominvest Grigory Myasnikov, a member of the regional notarial chamber, the notary of the Cherdaklinsky notarial district Larisa Smirnova, CEO of CJSC AKOR EEEK Plant Alexander Lizogubov, director of LLC“Prodtorg” Vladimir Zheltov, President of the group of companies Spektr Alexander Polyakov, CEO of JSC Mashtorgservice Maxim Rabinovich, the managing director of JSC B&N BANK in the city of Ulyanovsk Margarita Konovalova, CEO of JSC OuCBP Nikolay Makarov, CEO of CJSC Aviastar-SP Sergey Dementiev, CEO of CJSC Ulyanovsknefteprodukt Igor Ivanov, Chairman of the board of directors of Diamiks Group Evgeny Nikiforov, CEO of LLC Dimplast Sergey Yurkevich, CEO of LLCAmarant RPK Vladimir Rtishchev, President of TechnoNIKOL corporation Sergey Kolesnikov, Chairman of the board of directors of Universalstroy Group Sergey Kurkov, CEO of LLCSILEN Anatoly Shmelyov, Chairman of the association of Russian-speaking graduates of the Soviet and Russian higher education institutions Elias Emil.

It should be noted that in the current year patrons have carried on the tradition to pay recipient-oriented scholarships: Anatoly Shmelyov, Grigory Balykhin, Maxim Rabinovich, Sergey Kurkov, Mirkasim Arifullin, Nail Alimov, Sergey Yurkevich, Grigory Myasnikov, Alexander Polyakov, Evgeny Nikiforov, Anatoly Elenkin. In 2015the amount of scholarships paid by patrons over a charitable fee has constituted 407thousand rubles.