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> Prospects of developing The Board of Trustees

Prospects of developing the Board of Trustees of USU


 «It is better not to develop yourself, than to develop without  influence of thought about public affairs, without influence of the feelings which are woken up by participation in them».


N. G. Chernyshevsky

page_72.jpg Incentive for new fulfillments in the field of  charity — an appreciation of work experience of the Board of Trustees of USU on regional, All-Russian and even the international level. The model of support of the higher school developed by the trustees of university is recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation as an example for other institutions of higher education.

The analysis and assessment of a role of the boards of trustees in work of higher educational institutions has been given at the international conference "Boards of Trustees: formation, experience, development".  Their influence on social and economic development of regions has been noted. And experience of USU is recognized as the most productive. The specialists of Wesleyan college cooperating with university in implementation of charitable projects highly appreciate efficiency of an exchange of ideas with residents of Ulyanovsk.

The plenipotentiary of the President in the Volga Federal District S. V. Kiriyenko noted an important role of association of university patrons in developing the regional higher school at the ceremonial meeting of the Board of Trustees.

The governor of the Ulyanovsk region S. I. Morozov is the president of the Board of Trustees of USU and promotes distribution of its experience for development of traditions of patronage and social responsibility of business in the region.

All this speaks about a major public role of initiatives of university patrons. And trustees daily confirm it with new projects. The Board of Trustees of Ulyanovsk State University is constantly developing. New programs are created and implemented, patrons actively participate in all activities of the university.

In recent years the Board of Trustees got stronger organizationally, in its structure — trustees who have participated in activity of structure for ten and more years. Recently the organization has accepted young administrators of the enterprises, commercial and financial structures of the region in its ranks. Young businessmen, many of whom are USU graduates, adequately carry on traditions of good undertakings, introducing new ideas.

Health saving technologies, synthesis of research and innovative activity are chosen as priorities of activity of university. And patrons are ready to use the material and intellectual resources for development of these directions. The contribution of trustees to one more important area of work of higher education institution — development of strategic partnership will be of great importance. Heads of many enterprises and organizations with whom the university has partnership relations, are members of the Board of Trustees. Cooperation with patrons is also a useful means in respect of creating the small innovative enterprises at USU, and also involving the higher education institution in work of hi-tech clusters of the regional value.

Patronage, guardianship, development of social sector of society and increase of a role of public organizations — — indicators of maturity of the civil society. The Board of Trustees of Ulyanovsk State University is in the vanguard of social innovations, and its activity conforms to the Russian and world tendencies of development.