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> Beginnings

General meeting of the Board of Trustees of USU.

777.jpgThe executive vice-president B.M.Kostishko is making a report.

The purpose designated in the Charter from the moment of the charitable organization establishment defined the structure and work mechanisms of the Board of Trustees at university. Two years later after the board had been set up when the chosen tactics proved its efficiency, the State committee on higher education published methodical recommendations about the creation of boards of trustees following the example of the Board of Trustees in the branch of Moscow State University.

The present administrative structure of the board was approved in 2004. To increase the productivity of work the decision to establish profile committees was made. The purposes and tasks were developed for each of the divisions, the people responsible for this or that activity area were assigned.

Traditionally at meetings philanthropists consider and approve the annual plan of work, the budget of the year, socially significant target-oriented programs and other organizational and financial documents, discuss a question of observance and implementation of requirements of the Charter of the Board of Trustees. All questions submitted for the general meeting, are considered previously at the presidium meeting.

Provisions of the Board of Trustees about charitable contributions have been developed; grants; winners of the Board of Trustees; the Book of honor of the Board of Trustees; the Gallery of Honour (Walk of Fame); nominal grants of the organizations and members.

The fulfilled principles of activity allow to carry out annually target-oriented programs, the decisions taken and to form the budget of the Board of Regents. Socially significant target-oriented programs became a peculiar tradition of the council. And one of the most important support of talented students and post-graduate students, and also the children who have got into difficult life situations without parents, those who are needy. 176students of USU get stipends from the Board of Regents. Annually in December the presidium develops, and general meeting considers and approves projects for the next year. Thus patrons plan the activity, proceeding from programs of the development of Ulyanovsk state university which are adopted each five years at the general meeting of the university staff.

Participation in building university objects

Any business which we undertake with full belief in its fruitfulness and need is easy.

G. V. Plekhanov


V.A. Pandazi is handing over a symbolic key from the university to Polyanskov.

October 17, 1992

Implementation of the program for assistance in the construction of educational buildings and objects of the social sphere, repair of university buildings became the most important area of work of the Board of Trustees. The university building on Pushkinskaya St., educational and laboratory buildings N 1,2,3,4 on Sviyaga Embankment, a house for the teaching staff, the hostel, a number of auxiliary objects of university infrastructure were constructed with the assistance of patrons. Academic buildings on Federation St. and K. Marx St. were repaired.

In 2006with the active assistance of the Board of Trustees the sports and health complex, science and technology park USU high technologies, electronic library were put into operation. The director general of UK JSC “Russia” Z.A. Izmaylova one of the first of philanthropists supported the idea of constructing a sports and health complex and gave financial assistance for the sports and health complex construction. Her example became a good incentive for other members of the board.

Essential assistance was given to university in equipping lecture halls and rooms with furniture and devices, computer facilities and radio equipment. It allowed not only to improve working conditions and studies of teachers and students, but also to create the foundation for opening new specialties.

That fact which at first sight may seem to be dry figures and lines of economic reports, is the confirmation of a real contribution of patrons to the campus construction. The various profile of the organizations which are a part of the Board of Regents, allows to allocate gratuitously for the university necessary materials for construction and repair metal rolling, cement, glass, brick, forest products, electric appliances, chemical goods, spare parts for cars of vehicle fleet of USU.

Thanks to support of regents, the campus with the educational and social structure on Sviyaga Embankment has shaped up, having become one of the most well-planned residential districts of Ulyanovsk.

Charity providers promoted the development of USU sanatorium and health complex Seagull, in many respects thanks to their help the complex turned from an ordinary camp site into a sanatorium dispensary.

In 2002the target-oriented program was developed to set up and equip the WEB laboratory intended for the university server development, multimedia training programs. The director general of JSC UAZ P. P. Lezhankin assumed the coordination of this program and allocated considerable funds for its realization, and also donated necessary equipment to the university.

The board promoted studio creation for videoconferences, media audiences, and also to a language laboratory arrangement for foreign language teaching of students. The director general of JSC Ulyanovskmolprom E. A. Kutygin gave a nuclear absorption spectrophotometer C-155-M1 more than 500thousand rubles worth to the university.

The Internet Education Center was opened with the assistance of trustees in the structure of the university.

One of the main tasks of Trustees is to create conditions for educational process improvement, an active use of new high technologies. But the university is not only an educational center. USU actively participates in social and cultural programs, confirms the status of higher education institution of a healthy lifestyle.

In the last five years Trustees participated in the construction of the diagnostic center of Institute of high technologies in automotive industry. Significant assistance was given, first of all, from The Simbirsk foundry company ( director general I.A.Taranov). The racetrack of 400meters with an artificial cover was built at the new stadium of the university thanks to philanthropists’ means. In 2009the Federal experimental center Children's Traffic Park was put into operation. The construction of a sports gym in academic building No. 3has been completed. At the end of 2011on Sviyaga Embankment the sports and health complex with the swimming pool was opened. The contractor of the majority of university objects JSC Trust-3. Its director general O. A. Grishin a member of long standing in the Board of Trustees of USU.

Campus improvement, asphalting of its territory is a gift of patrons too, and first of all the Simbirskspetsstroy civil engineering firm (director general G. I. Tatarenko).

In the next years members of the Board of Trustees intend to continue active work of the university structure development and material base strengthening. The main emphasis will be placed on the expansion of university sports base, further improvement of information, scientific and technical potential for innovative activity of USU.

Participation in scientific and educational programs of higher education institution

The science has to be the most sublime embodiment of the fatherland.

Louis Pasteur

In the USU research chemical analysis laboratory.


Support of Trustees provides an effective realization of educational programs, research projects, develops innovative activity of the higher education institution.

The question of necessity of further studying and improvement of innovative educational programs became the main issue of members of the Board of Trustees at the general meeting on November 27, 2009. In the decision taken patrons planned to render assistance in carrying out research and developmental work, to strengthen research base of the university for the purpose of successful realization of research and development, to give financial support to young scientists, to facilitate the involvement of students and post-graduate students in studying high technologies.

The board of trustees does not stand aside from educational process of the university. In the structure of USU there is a unique division the faculty of transfer specialities where students have an opportunity to gain two diplomas of higher education simultaneously. The faculty was created at the initiative of regents chiefs of the enterprises had a need for experts who possess knowledge in two areas, for example economists with legal education. Now graduates of the faculty of transfer specialties are in great demand at labor market.

Members of the council gave assistance to the Corporate institute of high technologies in automotive industry in many respects thanks to this support the target-oriented program Of Introduction of Innovative Programs and Technologies into Educational Process has been implemented. Future engineers of automotive industry and their mentors got necessary electronic and educational and methodical complexes.

The contribution of patrons to the creation of electronic library and science and technology park is invaluable.

Members of the Board of Trustees cooperate with chiefs of enterprises to study the demand for specialists with the diploma of Ulyanovsk state university, determining new areas of training and retraining of specialists according to the USU profile. The innovative directions of researches, strategic partnership with leading enterprises and scientific centers, team of the competent experts possessing innovative thinking, fulfilled mechanisms of realization of services in the market these components allow Ulyanovsk state university to achieve success in the field of interaction of science and business. And these achievements would be impossible without Trustees’ support.


Support comes to the one who deserved it.

Antonio Miro


The scholarship is being handed by S. I. Morozov, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region

Among the members of the Board of Trustees there are those who weren't limited to general charity and expressed desire to give recipient-oriented help. Except the established charitable contribution these people make use of patronage experience, acting as initiators to pay scholarships. They define a number of students and a monthly sum of payment for each student.

For the first time the issue of patronage in the Board of Trustees of Ulyanovsk state university was raised in 1997. Boris Alekseevich Ilyushin, the CEO of JSC UNP Vtorchermet, addressed the management of university with an initiative to institute scholarships of the Board of Trustees for the best students. The tripartite contract was drawn up according to which JSC UNP Vtorchermet undertakes to determine the sum of a monthly scholarship and number of the students chosen to be rewarded. For ten years Boris Alekseevich paid bonuses to future young specialists. His name is brought into the Gold book of Honor and in the Gallery of Honor of Ulyanovsk state university. In 2003Boris Alekseevich was awarded the rank of the Board of Trustees’ award winner in the field of science and machinery, and the symbol of JSC UNP Vtorchermet enterprise was minted on a memorial badge.

Ilyushin's initiative was supported by his colleagues. In October, 1999scholarships of Gennady Aleksandrovich Shishkov, the CEO of JSC “Reka” were founded.

At the end of 2002the contract to pay scholarships by the CEO of JSC “Silen” Anatoly Maksimovich Shmelyov was signed. Then documents of notary Larisa Vladimirovna Smirnova and the president of JSC JV “Vis-Mos” Alexander Aleksandrovich Mayer were signed at that time.

In 2005 the chairman of the board of directors of JSC PC “Ulyanovskmebel” Anatoly Georgiyevich Elenkin started paying scholarships. In November, 2006the CEO of JSC “Plant of AKOR EEEK" Alexander Nikolaevich Lizogubov, and in March, 2008 the CEO of JSC Trust No. 3Oleg Aleksandrovich Grishin joined the patrons. Today already twelve patrons pay scholarships to students of USU. Contracts are annually prolonged, and the term of paying scholarships is extended. At the beginning of the academic year, usually in November December, patrons hand the certificate of reward to students, signed by the patron, the president of the Board of Trustees and the Rector of Ulyanovsk state university.

Social and cultural projects, international cooperation

The greatest good that you can make for another person, it isn't simple to share the riches with him, but also to open his own riches for him".


Benjamin Disraeli

The main direction of cooperation with Macon charity (Yu.V. Polyanskov and representatives of university with the American guests (S. Farr, F. Taylor, T. Sekton, L. Cooper, A.Tomich, R. Davies, E. Quinn, P. Hodge, L. Robinson, G. Pollard, M. Pollard)

The solution of social problems one of the most important activities of the Board. It is stated in the purpose-oriented program About the Assistance in Improving Social Conditions for the Faculty and Students of University.

Annually the patrons promote allocation of spaces at kindergartens and summer camps to children of USU staff members, of housing to employees on favorable terms, give help in treatment and the solution of social problems. Perhaps, there is no such type of social support which wouldn't be mastered by university philanthropists. Members of the Board helped with the transfer of year-round recreation facility of Seagull to university owing to which students and teachers got a complex for rest, sports activities, health improvement at their disposal. In case of crisis situations Trustees give assistance to those who need it.

Creative groups and talented students of university participate in festivals and competitions. These trips would be impossible without material contribution of patrons today culture can't be developed without financial support. The Board of Trustees repeatedly sponsored the CMR (club of the merry and resourceful) teams, choreographic and musical ensembles of university. It allowed university talents to show themselves on All-Russian and even the international level.

To include the cultural program in meetings of the board became traditional. Concerts, displays of fashionable collections of students designers are organized for Trustees and members of their families. Young actors and artists get a chance to show their talents. For many of them the debut before Trustees becomes a first step to success.

The Board is a reliable partner of university in establishing interuniversity and international relations. Trustees (A. M. Shmelyov, S. D. Krynin, V. V. Zheltov and others) went as a part of the delegation of Ulyanovsk state university to other countries, participated in financing international business trips of students and teachers of higher education institution, receiving foreign guests to Ulyanovsk. A visit of the USU delegation and Trustees (March, 2010) to the city of Macon (Georgia state, the USA) to the Festival “Blossoming Cherries” was one of such trips. USU became the first higher education institution to which it was entrusted to present Russia three times at the festival. Wesleyan College of the city of Macon is a partner of university. And one of the directions of cooperation between the two educational institutions is exchange of experience in the sphere of patronage and rendering social help. Similar contacts are aimed not only at strengthening international cooperation in education, but also at sharing experience between businessmen of different countries, including the organization of charity.

Today sharing experience with colleagues from foreign countries seems to be a usual thing. But in the difficult 1990-s when the country was hardly getting used to lack of isolation from the outside world, such contacts were innovative. The first contract on cooperation was signed with Oklahoma City University. Together with the representatives of university Trustees became one of the first who started establishing international relations, to adopt useful experience of other countries. Borders of many directions of such cooperation were expanded subsequently. Contacts of higher education institution and the businessmen helping it with Macon in America and Krefeld in Germany led to the situation that these cities became Twin cities of Ulyanovsk. The Russian-American and Russian-German faculties were established at university. Trustees promoted strengthening of cooperation with Italy which resulted in signing the contract on cooperation between USU and the leading Italian higher education institutions.

On the map of the international cooperation of the Board of Trustees Sudan, China, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, the USA.