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> The Board of Trustees


Since the very beginning, the Board of Trustees has not just taken an active part in the fate of the University, but also largely determined its development strategy. There is no activity direction at USU in realization of which trustees would not participate.

Today Iam happy to be among you - enthusiastic, generous and successful people, my wonderful fellow-countrymen. Good old traditions of patronage are developing in Ulyanovsk in many respects thanks to you.

I express my sincere appreciation of the fact that, in spite of the financial and other difficulties, you direct your creative energy to the prosperity of our motherland and Russia as a whole, on the improving of education and science, to the support of social and cultural initiatives, and education of our wonderful talented youth.

The assistance that you are providing the university with, of course, plays a huge role in the creation of the training and scientific research base, most modern in our region, as well as social infrastructure, vital for normal functioning of the institution. The construction of educational buildings and sports facilities, equipping it with modern technique, the strengthening of cultural and sporting traditions of the university, social support of students, Ph. D. candidates and staff this is an incomplete list of our joint work.

I am glad that the enthusiasm of our trustees over the years is not drying up. Each year, the number of scholarships paid by patrons over charitable contribution is increasing. Besides support of the best students, the students are paid allowances for orphans and children left without parental care. And Iexpress my heartfelt gratitude to you for your charitable work and active participation in numerous social programs.

Thanks to you the program of strengthening the material-technical base of the university is successfully being implemented. Each year, about three and a half million rubles were allocated only for equipment and construction materials.

Largely due to your participation Ulyanovsk State University turned into a continuous production line of talents and discoveries. We have a special role for it the role of a leader in the regional system of higher education, a source of manpower and modern knowledge. Three most powerful forces of modern progress are situated here education, science and innovation. And we hope very much that USU will continue to give a powerful impetus to the development of all our regional educational system. It should become the cradle of manpower sources for the innovation economy of the future that we are building today. University aims to contribute to technological breakthrough and spiritual development of our region in the XXIcentury.

We are sincerely and wholeheartedly rejoice at the success of USU. We are well aware that over the 26years of its existence, it has become a kind of regional heritage.

I express my gratitude to all the members of the Board of many-sided and very necessary work done by you in its composition. I am convinced that in any case you will not stop there. And from my heart Iwish you success, inspiration and reach new professional heights.

Morozov Sergey Ivanovich,

Governor Chairman of the Government of Ulyanovsk Region,

President of the Board of Trustees of Ulyanovsk State University.

01.jpgIn the current strategy of development of Ulyanovsk State University there is no activity direction in implementation of which trustees would not participate. From the very beginning members of the Board of Trustees set objectives and tasks, developed the programs coinciding with growth points of higher education institution. They made an invaluable contribution to the construction of university buildings, strengthening of material base, improvement of educational process, development of science, strengthening of sports and cultural traditions of higher education institution, support of talented students and graduate students, the social help to students and staff members.

The modern times set new objectives for higher education institutions. And the Board of Trustees considers them. Patrons participate in development and implementation of innovative projects of university, expansion of its international contacts, development of strategic partnership.

Our cooperation with heads of the enterprises which began within the activity of the Board of Trustees developed into a long-term partnership and large projects of federal value. Interaction with the management of Volga-Dnieper Group, JSC Aviastar-SP and other enterprises became a basis for creation of a hi-tech aviation cluster. And there are a lot of such examples.

Activity in the field of education became for many trustees not less important, than their main profession. Not incidentally the most active and true USU patrons V. V. Marusin, V. V. Davydov have been marked with the awards of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. And we are grateful to trustees for such devotion to the cause.

Kostishko Boris Mikhailovich,
Rector of Ulyanovsk State University,
doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor,
executive vice-president of the Board of Trustees of USU

603562184.jpgIn the history of Ulyanovsk state university there were many events which could be called unique. And the organization of so powerful, effectively working Board of Trustees in the 90-s difficult for the country, the higher school, business was one of those steps where we were the first, that by right we are proud of.

The young and promising classical university in Ulyanovsk always attracted to itself interesting, bright, creative people having authority, able to think innovatively. Such people were a part of the Board of Trustees in 1992and set a high level for the followers. And besides other advantages our patrons have generous heart and gift of anticipation they understand that, making investments and forces in a development of education, they put them in the future of the region and country.

In all activities of higher education institution, its progress a contribution of philanthropists. Interaction with the leading businessmen, heads of the enterprises and organizations which mechanisms were put while establishing the Board of Trustees, is realized in various forms of strategic partnership without which the movement of the higher school forward would be impossible. Close mutually advantageous connections with the regional government, municipalities, small and medium business, the industrial enterprises have been established. The university takes an active position in the solution of regional tasks, works in close cooperation with the management of the region, realizes the projects, vital for the area. And the higher education institution was helped by trustees in it.

The majority of them became not simply assistants and partners, and kind friends of university. They are welcome guests on all our events, and together with teaching staff and student body form traditions of higher education institution. Isincerely hope that such relations will proceed.

Polyanskov Yury Vyacheslavovich,
President of Ulyanovsk State University,
member of the Presidium of the USU Board of Trustees, doctor of Engineering, professor,
winner of the State award of Russia,
Honourary citizen of the Ulyanovsk region