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University newspaper turns 20!
2009-03-10 11:40
March 8 marks the birthday of the university newspaper Vestnik (Courier), whose first issue came out twenty years ago to the day. Established by the Academic council, a year after the university was founded, Vestnik has chronicled the growth of the first and only branch of Moscow State University into one of the leading institutions of higher education in Mid-Volga region. Далее

Prof. Wenke of Niederrhein University gives lectures to USU students
2009-03-04 15:35
On March 2 and 3, USU hosted prof. Martin Wenke, dean of the Faculty of Economics, Niederrhein University (Germany), who gave a few lectures to students and faculty on current issues facing the global economy. Далее

University partners up with Russian Agricultural Bank
2009-02-12 11:56
The ceremonious signing of an agreement between Ulyanovsk State University and a local branch of Russian Agricultural Bank, “RosselkhozBank”, took place on February 3 in the main conference hall of the university administrative building. Далее

Students and faculty celebrate St. Tatiana’s Day
2009-02-11 18:28
USU community celebrated St. Tatiana’s Day, dubbed as Russian Students Day, with a lively student and faculty party in the recently established Art studio on January 25. Далее

Chinese community celebrates Lunar New Year
2009-02-11 10:36
The Chinese community at Ulyanovsk State University marked the arrival of the New Year with a national-style dinner party at the student residence hall on January 25. Далее

University to build children’s traffic park
2009-01-16 10:11
Ulyanovsk State University has broken ground for a children’s traffic park, which will be constructed as part of the federal Traffic Safety Awareness project envisioning creation of similar experimental centers all over Russia in 2006–2012. Далее

Letter of recognition from Microsoft
2009-01-15 16:16
Ulyanovsk State University has received a letter of recognition for active participation in «Information Dissemination and Equal Access» program run by Microsoft and its non-profit partner company, Project Harmony Inc. Далее

USU expands faculty exchanges
2008-12-12 18:49
The current academic year at USU sees an increased number of faculty members involved in academic exchanges.  Далее

Maximilian Spinner of German Embassy meets linguistics students
2008-12-01 16:22
On November 27, USU hosted Mr. Maximilian Spinner, regional representative of the German Embassy in Moscow, who met students of the international relations institute as part of his visit to Ulyanovsk intended to promote contact s between Russian and German regions.  Далее

USU hosts International social advertising festival
2008-11-25 11:54
Vinogradar, or Grapegrower, an annual social advertising festival for young creatives was held at USU on November 20. Initiated six years ago by the university Advertising Department and USU-based “Region” research center with the purpose of consolidating students’ skills, Vinogradar 2008 received several hundreds entries, some from outside Ulyanovsk and Russia.  Далее

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