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USU specialists organize seminars for students and teachers of the settlement of Novospassky
2018-03-19 06:32

An interactive lesson on the topic "Social and psychological well-being" with teachers of secondary schools in the settlement of Novospassky was directed to studying the level of professional well-being (satisfaction with career and the level of mastering  professional skills), awareness of the meaning and values ​​of oneself as a professional and one's business.

Evgeny Beloborodov, the winner of the program UMNIK develops a test system for the detection of mutations associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases
2018-03-18 05:35

A student of Ulyanovsk State University is developing a test system that will identify genes predisposing to cardiovascular disease. Such a system will make it possible to predict the timing and mechanisms of the development of cardiovascular pathologies, as well as to prescribe adequate treatment.

USU students and teachers have made their choice
2018-03-18 04:48

On March 18, Presidential elections were held in Russia. Traditionally, residents of the city could vote for their candidate in the walls of Ulyanovsk State University. The polling station worked from 8 a.m. to 20p.m. Boris Kostishko, the Rector of  USU,  Vice-Rectors and other representatives of the university administration, numerous students and teachers, residents of the district came to fulfill their civil duty.

USU organizes a seminar "Social Inclusion in the Region: Experience, Problems and Prospects" within the "Equal Opportunities" program
2018-03-17 16:32

Social inclusion is a process that requires certain efforts to achieve equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, age, social status, education, ethnicity, in order to ensure full and active participation in all spheres of life, in the decision-making process.

Elizaveta Goryachkina, a specialist of the Public relations and advertising department attends the training course "The key to all social networks"
2018-03-16 05:59

The training course was conducted by Denis Batalin - a recognized expert in the creation of Internet projects, an entrepreneur and a business trainer with a long experience. Denis is a co-owner of a consulting company and the founder of an interactive communications agency, the author of more than 500 works in the field of advertising communications, training, educational and research projects. The organizer of the event was the media holding "Mosaic" - a long-standing partner of the preeminent university.

"Ulpravda.ru". Boris Kostishko: "Air hinders my shoulders in other areas of the Volga region"
2018-03-16 05:14

The hero of the program "100 questions" was the person who every school leaver of the school wanted to be friends with - Boris Kostishko, the Rector of Ulyanovsk State University. Energetic and brave, he told everything that interested Diana Kovela, the presenter.

Evgeny Dudikov, a student of USU has developed a device for the rehabilitation of neurological patients
2018-03-15 06:48

Evgeny Dudikov,  a student of the USU Faculty  of Medicine, the winner of the program UMNIK is developing a device that will help to recover neurological functions in patients who have suffered a stroke or craniocerebral trauma. This device will allow a person to recover earlier lost motor and sensitive functions in patients with neurological diseases, as well as to reduce the incidence of disability and increase in the level of social and household adaptation in such patients.

International students of USU participate in the opening ceremony of the international exhibition "People who changed the world"
2018-03-03 04:16

The exhibition "People Who Changed the World: Episode 1: Germany, Russia, Vietnam, India, China" will be held from 3 to 14 March at the Lenin Memorial in the framework of the festival "World, Era, Names". Next

The issues of setting up a student project office and mentoring system have been discussed at USU
2018-03-03 03:59

A youth project group is planned to be set up in each subdivision of the university which, under the supervision of the mentor, is going to work to create projects in the innovative, social, scientific or creative fields. Gleb Sherstnev, a 3d  year student of the Institute of Economics and Business and the head of the project " Preactum" at USU will be the director of the student project office. Elena Semenova, the chairman of the Council of graduate students and young scientists USU, has been appointed the supervisor of the office.

The organization of work of an interdisciplinary team with non-medical specialists has been discussed at the Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Center
2018-03-02 03:43

A round table "Topical issues of organizing an interdisciplinary team with non-medical specialists" was held on March 1, at the USU Multifunctional Rehabilitation Center. Mikhail Balykin, the Head of the Department of Adaptive Physical Culture of the Institute of Medicine and Ecology, Victor Mashin, the Head of the Department of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation,  Lyudmila Belova, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine,  Yuliya Pavlova, the Director of the Multifunctional Rehabilitation Center,  Ildar Aizatullin, the Head of the Department of Rehabilitation of the State Medical Academy of the Central Medical Institute,  Denis Pavlov, senior lecturer as well as bachelors and masters of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Rehabilitation participated in the meeting.

Marina Yavtushenko, a teacher of USU has attended All-Russian conference "The way to success: strategies to support gifted children and youth"
2018-03-01 10:52

The Second All-Russian Conference "The way to Success: Strategies to Support Talented Children and Youth" was held in Sochi.  Educators and researchers, scientists and students, popularizers of science and public figures, IT-developers of educational platforms, representatives of business and regional administrations from all over Russia assembled on SIRIUS platforms to discuss strategies of work with gifted children in science, sports and art.

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