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Students of Ulyanovsk State University have been awarded with certificates of appreciation from the governor
2017-09-18 10:39

Rauile Salakhova, associate professor of the biology, ecology and natural resources management department, the Faculty of Ecology  was awarded with the certificate  of appreciation of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region for merits in the development of the field of education in the Ulyanovsk region, achieved outstanding performance, high professionalism and diligent work.

School students have been showed what it is like to be a student of the flagship university
2017-09-18 09:22

On Saturday, September 16, the event "One Day of a Student of USU" was organized at the university for prospective students. Next

Products of the USU publishing center are presented at the International Book Fair
2017-09-15 15:57

The book exposition-fair gathered publishing houses from Moscow, Tatarstan, Mordovia and Chuvashia in the Lenin memorial. It became one of the key events of the cultural program of the VII International Cultural Forum.

Nikas Safronov has met with USU students
2017-09-15 04:46

Nikas Safronov,  our fellow countryman, the artist has come to his small homeland to participate in the International cultural forum. But there was also one more occasion – Safronov has been awarded the title of associate professor of  Ulyanovsk State University and today he has officially received the certificate. Next

USU participates in the VI International Youth Innovation Forum-2017
2017-09-14 18:12

The VI International Youth Innovation Forum is being held in Ulyanovsk. Traditionally, an exhibition of industrial enterprises and organizations was arranged for the event where Ulyanovsk State University was represented. Next

"There are all opportunities in Ulyanovsk for an interesting life and career"
2017-09-13 18:46

Today the whole world  celebrates  Programmer’s Day, on this occasion there has been a meeting with school students majoring  information, technology,  physics, mathematics of schools of the Ulyanovsk region at the flagship university. Representatives of Ulyanovsk State University, regional authorities and large IT companies spoke with young guests.
The first potential applicants were greeted by Elena Guzenko, the Vice-Rrector for Pre-university education and student enrollment organization of USU. She told school students about various subject-oriented Olympiads held at the university, about the opportunities that participation in these tests opens up. Elena Stanislavovna noted that the university had everything that was needed to realize a variety of talents.

Boris Kostishko, the Rector of Ulyanovsk State University takes part in the Congress of the Association of Classical Universities of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China
2017-09-13 17:52

The forum is being held in China, and its participants apart from representatives of the higher education institutions  of the two countries were  the Vice Prime  Ministers of Russia and the PRC Olga Golodets and Liu Yandong.

The USU Rector’s visit to China has begun
2017-09-12 04:04

The Forum of Rectors of Russia and China and Congress of the Association of classical higher education institutions of  two countries will become the main event of the trip. Olga Golodets, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation,  Viktor Sadovnichiy, the Rector of Moscow State University representatives of the government and educational community of the People's Republic of China will take part in the program. The congress has a constituent character – delegates of Russia and China are supposed to sign documents to set up the Association of classical higher education institutions of two countries. Next

The university championship WorldSkills has started at USU
2017-09-12 03:53

 The university WorldSkills championship is being held for the first time in the Ulyanovsk region, the flagship university of the region has become the starting platform. Competitions include the testing of participants on two highest competences - graphic design and engineering design for the identification of students’ professional skills  in engineering, IT and also for the purpose of promoting  working professions. USU laboratories and computer classes are equipped with all the necessities to carry out tests of such level. Experts in the field of engineering and graphic design from USPU, Yakovlev ChGPU, Samara State Technical University estimate the level of students’ competence. Next

The flagship university hosts the WorldSkills Championship
2017-09-11 08:20

On September 11-13, Ulyanovsk State University will host the World Skills Championship in two skills: Graphic design and CAD Engineering (CAD).
WorldSkills is an international non-profit movement whose goal is to enhance the prestige of working professions and develop mastery skills. From traditional crafts to multidisciplinary professions in the field of industry and services in the 75 participating countries, WorldSkills has a direct impact on the growth of vocational education around the world.

The flagship university becomes the platform of the Youth Innovation Forum "The Future of Mechanical Engineering in Russia"
2017-09-10 08:39

Today USU hosts the contest "The Project headquarters", organized by the Union of Machine Builders of the Russian Federation with the flagship university’s support. The program of the event was divided into two parts - the session of the project headquarters and a panel discussion, in which Sergei Morozov, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region and Vladimir Gutenyov,  First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship, Vice-President of the Soyuzmash.
Participants of the meeting were representatives of enterprises, government bodies, students of technical programs of study, their teachers. The forum began with the welcoming speech by the Rector of Ulyanovsk State University Boris Kostishko. He put great emphasis on the need to hold such events, since the expert opinion is of great importance in the process of forming public consciousness and educating young people.

The Russian Union of Youth thanks the students of USU for participation in work of the corps of public observers
2017-09-08 18:36

The corps of public observers is a project to monitor the State Final Examination procedure in the Russian Federation. Next

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