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> Morozov Sergey

Sergey Yu. Morozov was born in 1966. He is the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Head, Civil Law and Procedure at Ulyanovsk State University.In 1999Sergey Yu. Morozov graduated from Ulyanovsk State University, Major Jurisprudence. The science degree of the Candidate of Juridical Sciences was awarded by the Dissertation Council of Kazan State University in 2003and it was approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation in 2004. The science degree of the Doctor of Juridical Sciences was awarded by the Dissertation Council at Moscow Academy of Economics and Law in 2012(the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation # 231dated 22May 2012). The academic title of an associate professor in the Civil Law and Procedure Chair was awarded in 2006by the Order of the Federal Service of Supervision of Education and Law # 1811/944- dated 21July 2006. The academic title of a professor was awarded in 2014.

Sergey Yu. Morozov, as a research advisor, has trained 5candidates of juridical sciences. Sergey Yu. Morozov is a doctoral advisor. At present he provides guidance for 6postgraduate students.

The spheres of scientific interests: Civil Law, Entrepreneurial Law, Transport Law.

Sergey Yu. Morozov has 150publications including ones in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI): http://elibrary.ru/author_items.asp?authorid=662319

Hirsch Index (RSCI) 7.

Sergey Yu. Morozov is the author of the following textbooks:

1. Civil Law. Textbook. / edited by V.P. Kamyshanskiy, N.M. Korshunov, V.I. Ivanov. // Morozov S.Yu. (Chapter 45) .: “Eksmo” Publishing House, 2010.

2. Transport Law. Tutorial (recommended by Academic Methodological Association in jurisprudence). .: “Yuright” Publishing House, 2016.

The most important scientific papers:

1. The system of transport organization contracts. .: “Norma” Publishing House, 2011.

2. Principles of theory of civil law organization relations. Saarbrücken, Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2011.

Other Information

Sergey Yu. Morozov is a member of the Dissertation Councils 521.023.02 at Moscow Academy of Economics and Law and at Saratov State Law Academy. Sergey Yu. Morozov is the chairman of the Academic Council at the Faculty of Law. Sergey Yu. Morozov is a member of the Academic Council of the university, a member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the university.

Sergey Yu. Morozov took an active part in 50All-Russian and international scientific conferences including the international ones: in Zhengzhou (Henan, China) 2012, in Kiev (the Ukraine) 2013, in Riga (Latvia) 2012, in Poland 2015.

Sergey Yu. Morozov is the Honorary Professor of Zhengzhou University (Henan, China).