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> Medvedev Evgeny

Medvedev Evgeny Valentinovich was born in 1978, the birthplace Vladikavkaz. In 1998he became a full time student of Ulyanovsk State University, the Faculty of Law which he graduated from in 2001with honors. The same year he took a full time graduate course at the Institute of Law and Public service of Ulyanovsk State University and was taken on for the position of a trainee-teacher. In 2002he filled the position of assistant professor at the department of criminal law and criminology of the Institute of Law and Public service in Ulyanovsk State University. In 2003he finished the graduate course ahead of schedule, having defended the dissertation for the degree of candidate of jurisprudence in the course “Criminal law and criminology; criminal and penal law” on the subject “Criminal Defense of Cultural Values" at Kazan State University named after V. I. Ulyanov-Lenin. From 2005to 2006he worked at Volzhsky University named after V.N. Tatishchev as an associate professor of criminal law and proceedings. Then he returned to Ulyanovsk State University. In 2008by the Order of the Federal Service for Supervision in the field of Education and Science No. 1091/590-d he was awarded an academic title of associate professor at the department of criminal law and criminology. Since September 1, 2010he has been fulfilling his duties as the deputy dean for research at the Faculty of Law.

Medvedev E.V. has more than 140scientific publications among which four monographs and more than 40articles in the central periodicals recommended by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. He also gives author's courses of lectures and carries out all types of educational activity on disciplines “Criminal law” and “Criminology”. He has been conducting an effective cooperation with representatives of large scientific centers and schools of sciences of Russia, takes an active part in social life of the university. Students under his guidance became winners and prize-winners of various university, interregional and All-Russian competitions and Olympic Games more than once. He conducts training of graduate students in the program 12.00.08 “Criminal law and criminology; criminal and penal law”. In 2011he was recognized as the best young scientist of the Ulyanovsk region in an age category till 35years, in 2010 a prize winner of the All-Russian competition on the best scientific book of 2010.

Medvedev E.V. worked as a member of the organizing committees for holding international scientific and practical conferences, panel discussions of the problems of private law in Ulyanovsk, Samara, Moscow, Tver, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Volgograd, Saratov, Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa and others.

The sphere of scientific interests of Medvedev E.V. comprises the study of problems of counteracting the crimes encroaching on the personality safety , society and state, cultural values, studying the functions of criminal law and questions of improving the system of measures of criminal and legal effect, and also the reasons and conditions of violent crimes, features of their prevention.

Medvedev E.V. is a lawyer of the Ulyanovsk regional board of lawyers for the defense and a member of the All-Russian public organization Association of Lawyers of Russia.

He is deservedly held in respect and has authority among colleagues and students as an experienced teacher and as an outstanding scientist.