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> Ivanov Oleg Vitalyevich

Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences in the course “optics”

Main areas of research: physical optics, magnetic optics, integrated optics, optics of thin films and layered anisotropic structures, fiber optics, optics of fiber lattices, fiber sensors

Professional experience

April, 2007up to the present

a senior researcher, Ulyanovsk State University

March, 2005 March, 2007

Senior research associate, Unidadede Optoelectrónicae Sistemas Electrónicos, INESC-Porto, Portugal

July, 2003 March, 2005

Research associate, Ulyanovsk branch of the Institute of Radio engineering and electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences

September, 2001 May, 2003

Postdoctoral position, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

September 1999July, 2000

Assistant, Department of Quantum electronics and optoelectronics, Physics and Technology Faculty, Ulyanovsk State University

September, 1996 June, 1998

Senior engineer, Physics and Mathematics Faculty, Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University

January, 1993 June, 1993

Programmer, the Middle Volga scientific center


- November, 2006 November, 2009

Doctoral studies at the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics named after V.A. Kotelnikov of the RAS

Doctoral thesis: Propagation of electromagnetic waves in the bianisotropic, planar and fiber layered structures

November, 1995 November, 1998

Postgraduate study, Physics and Technology Faculty, Ulyanovsk State University

Thesis: "Propagation of electromagnetic waves in magnetgyrotropic and bianisotropic layered structures"

September, 1990 Iyul1995

Honors degree, Physics and Technology Faculty, branch of Moscow State University in Ulyanovsk

Graduation thesis: "Interaction of light with the periodic bigyrotropic environment"


Russian (native), English (fluently), Portuguese (well)


an honourable scholarship of the Board of Trustees of Moscow State University branch in Ulyanovsk, 1994, 1995

grants of the International Soros scientific educational program, 1997, 1998

The winner of the All-Russian competition for the best scientific book of 2012

Recent publications:

1. I.V. Zlodeyev, Ivanov O. V., “Ranges of a structure transmission based on a fiber piece with a double cladding at a bend”, Quantum electronics, 2013, Vol.43, N 6, pp. 535541.

2. I.V. Zlodeyev, Ivanov O. V., “Fiber structure based on a double cladding fiber piece as a sensor of temperature and tension”, News of the Samara Russian Academy of Sciences scientific center, 2013, Vol. 15, N 4(5), pp. 978981.

3. Ivanov O.V., Zlodeyev I.V., Fiber structure based on a depressed inner cladding fiber for bend, refractive index and temperature sensing, Measurement Science and Technology, 2014, Vol.25, 015201(p. 8).

4. Ivanov O. V., Ponomarev N. E., Chertoriysky A.A., “Development of a fiber-optical sensor for bend based on a fiber insert with double cladding”, Radio-electronic equipment: Interuniversity collection of scientific works, Ulyanovsk: USTU, 2014, pp. 146152.

5. Ivanov O.V., Chertoriysky A.A. Fiber-Optic Bend Sensor Based on Double Cladding Fiber, Journal of Sensors, Vol. 2015, Article ID726793, 6pages, 2015. doi:10.1155/2015/726793.

6. Ivanov O. V., Chertoriysky A.A., “A fiber-optical sensor for bend based on the mode transformation with a double cladding fiber”, Sensors and systems, 2015, Vol.196, N 9, pp. 6469.

7. Vasin S. V., Ivanov O. V., Nonlinear effects of transformation of light polarization in a single-mode fiber when twisting, Radio-electronic equipment: Interuniversity collection of scientific works, Ulyanovsk: USTU, 2015, pp. 186191.