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> Golovanov Viktor Nikolayevich

Golovanov Victor Nikolaevich, doctor of physics and mathematics, professor, Vice-Rector for Reserach of USU. He is head of the USU department of physical material science, website: (http://www.ulsu.ru)

e-mail: Golovanov_VN@mail.ru

Areas of scientific research:

Impact of ionizing radiation on materials. Researches of influence neutron, a beta and scale of radiation on metal and ceramic materials. New materials are developed for application in nuclear and space branches. Joint researches with the nuclear center in RZhEZh (Czech Republic).

1.Metallurgical ways of obtaining new materials on the basis of modern technologies of powder metallurgy. Composite materials and technologies of their production.

2. Obtaining submicro and nanoparticles, research of their physical properties

3.Thermodynamics of phase transformations in alloys, including with exposure to  radiation.

4.Development of new methods and equipment for electronic microscopy, OGE-spectroscopy.

5.Study of structure of metals and semiconductors in the conditions of influence electric and magnetic fields.