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> Fefilov Alexander Ivanovich


Fefilov Alexander Ivanovich, doctor of Philology, professor, a corresponding member correspondent of ANRT, chairperson of the department of general and German linguistics, dean of the Faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication at the Institute of International Relations of Ulyanovsk State University.

The scope of scientific interests and areas of scientific activity of A. I. Fefilov: cognitive linguistics, comparative linguistics, linguistic philosophy, text linguistics.

A. I. Fefilov is the head of school of sciences “Morphotemic analysis of language and speech units”. The school of sciences has received the name according to the morphotemic concept which was developed by A. I. Fefilov in 199095. A. I. Fefilov is the author of “cogitologic theory” (interdisciplinary, integrative science about linguistics and speech thinking).

Now Fefilov A.I. finishes processing the material for printing “The Russian-German contrastive dictionary” containing more than 350 thousand words and expressions. The dictionary is made on essentially new (not “diversive”) principles of lexicography taking into account nominative referencial distinctions of the compared languages (Russian and German). The working version of the dictionary already exists in computer option with the powerful search program and the program of adjustment developed by the author. This direction of scientific activity of A. I. Fefilov has a great applied value.

Professor A. I. Fefilov is the author of 123scientific works. Of them 10monographs and 11 manuals, 5educational and methodical textbooks.