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> Butov Alexander Alexandrovich


Butov Alexander Aleksandrovich, head of the department of applied mathematics, professor, doctor of Physics and Mathematics.

Butov Alexander Aleksandrovich has been working at the university more than 25 years, in 1994he headed the department of applied mathematics at Ulyanovsk State University (earlier branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University in Ulyanovsk).

He defended his doctoral dissertation in the specialty 01.01.05 "Probability theory and mathematical statistics" in December, 1993in the Specialized Council at the institute of Mathematics named after V.A. Steklov of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In June, 1997Butov A.A. was conferred the academic title of professor of the department of applied mathematics.

A.A. Butov was awarded with a prize of Lyubishchev A.A. for the scientific and technical researches making an essential contribution to development of natural, technical sciences and humanities which was instituted based on the resolutions of the Legislation Assembly of the Ulyanovsk region.

He was awarded with a prize of the Volga region association of state universities for progress in scientific work.

For a big contribution to social and economic development of the region following the results of 2006he was selected with an entry on the Honors Board The best people of the Ulyanovsk region.

In 2009he was awarded with a badge “Honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation”.

In February, 2012he was awarded with an honorary title “Honored worker of science and engineering of the Ulyanovsk region’.

Developments of the school of thought under the guidance of Butov A.A. in the field of the theory of random processes, and also imitating stochastic modeling in medicine and gerontology are acknowledged in the Russian and foreign scientific community. A.A. Butov implements a number of projects in the field of reliability and safe work of complex technical systems.

A.A. Butov is Vice-chairman of the Specialized Council on doctoral dissertations defense.

To carry out scientific work of young scientists at the university he obtained financing in the form of numerous grants, and also repeatedly was the head of the research projects supported by the Russian Federal Property Fund, the Ministry of Science and by means of contracts with industrial enterprises.

A.A. Butov is deputy chairman of the State Attestation Commission and chairman of the State Examination Board, provides advising for bachelors and masters to accomplish course papers, research and final qualification projects by them.

Under the guidance of Butov A.A. 18students have defended master theses. Over the last 5 years he has published more than 40works, participated in more than 5conferences, including international.

The scope of scientific interests: theory of random processes; stochastic imitating modeling of medical and biological objects; the information automated security systems of complex technical objects.

The given courses: Probability theory and mathematical statistics, Theory of random processes, Modern problems of applied mathematics and informatics, History and methodology of applied mathematics and informatics, Stochastic models in biology and medicine, etc.