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> The Council of the USU History Museum

The Council of the USU History Museum  is the collegial organ permanently working and coordinating  ideological, informative, organizational and methodical work of the Museum. The main objective of the Council is to assist in developing and implementing activities aimed at increasing the effectiveness of educational and enlightening  work of the Museum. The members of the Council are  the Rector of USU, the President of USU, the first Vice-Rector — the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, the Vice-Rector for research and information technologies, the Vice-Rector for International Relations and Youth Policy, the assistant to the President of the Board of Trustees, the head of the department for work with non-state museums of  I.A. Goncharov Ulyanovsk regional museum of local lore.

Main areas of activity of the Council are:

    - development of the concept of the Museum;
    - approval of the concept, architectural and artistic decision and thematic structure of the exposition and exhibitions;
    - solution of the issues of financing the museum programs and projects, providing technical equipment of the Museum;
    - recommendations for scientific works’ publication, catalogs, guidebooks, booklets produced by the Museum.


Kruglova Galina Nikolaevna

Head of the museum

Contact information:
Address: 40, University Embankment, Ulyanovsk, building. 1
Phone: +7 (8422) 37-63-20
E-mail: museum@ulsu.ru
Appointment hours: 9-17