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> Public Relations and Advertizing Department

Public Relations and Advertizing Department

555.jpgHead of the department Nikolayeva Olga Nikolaevna

Address: 42, Leo Tolstoy Str., room 25, Ulyanovsk

Telephone: (8422)41-8372

E-mail: nicol04@list.ru

The department's activities are aimed at the following tasks:

to form the university's image as a regional center of education, science, culture and information technologies;
cooperation with corporate, regional and all-Russian media;
promotion of USU educational services at the regional and all-Russian levels;
information support of new strategies and activities of the university.

zulya.jpgLeading specialist of the department Fakhurtdinova Zulfia Kasimovna.

Address: 42, Leo Tolstoy St., room 48a, Ulyanovsk.

Phone: (8422) 41-8372.

E-mail: pr@ulsu.ru.

Activity of the department consists in producing and placing USU promotional materials on all types of information carriers, promotional and informational support of the most significant events and extracurricular activities of the university. Together with other divisions of university the department participates in organization and holding an advertizing campaign to attract prospective students, to develop university advertizing and promotional products. It prepares and places news items in print and electronic media, information and photo-materials on activity of university, teachers, students. It covers significant events and out-of-class activities of USU, organizes and holds press conferences with participation of chairpersons and leading scientists of university. The department sends press releases to regional and federal mass media, monitors the information published in the press.

Sector of TV and broadcastings.


Head of the sector Derzhavin Mikhail Mikhaylovich.

Contact information:

Address: Ulyanovsk. 5, Vodoprovodnaya St.
Phone: 37-63-27
E-mail: dergavin.tv@gmail.com
Appointment hours: 9.0017.00

USU has had its own television studio since the foundation of the university. This allowed us to keep the TV chronicles of the university history from its earliest moments.
Every year, on the information resources of Ulyanovsk State University on the website and in social networks about 300videos appear covering the news of our institution and regional events.
The specialists of the television and radio broadcasting sector prepare the release of the program "Pulse. All the news of Ulyanovsk State University , published on the channel Russia / Volga ". In their creative piggy bank there are dozens of films about USU and structural divisions of the university. Lectures and practical classes for students-journalists are provided with assistance of the TV studio.

Staff members of the sector make news video topics and programs about life of the university for radio and television air on regional broadcasting channels. The creative staff of the studio makes presentations and advertizing video movies about educational divisions, graduates, the USU Board of Trustees. TV programs of the USU studio are placed at the prime time on the most high ranked television channels. For example, the Broadcasting Company Ren Reporter, covering all the territory of the Ulyanovsk region and some regions of adjacent areas, broadcasts the program Pulse. All news of USU also provides information on the Regulations of Admission for prospective students, new programs of study and events occurring at USU. Besides, the youth view of student life is broadcast by the USU student radio whose work is supervised by experts of the sector.