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> Youth Project Office

The youth project office of Ulyanovsk State University is a structural subdivision of the Office of Strategic Development. Its purpose is to create a favorable climate and conditions that ensure the growth of leadership qualities of students, comprehensively ensure the realization of their rights to participate in the development of the University and the region, support and effectively manage student ideas and initiatives, development of social activity of students.

Youth Project Office at VK: https://vk.com/mpo_ulsu

The project office is the coordinating collegial body of students of open source and full-time studies at the University. Participation in the project office is voluntary.

The objectives of the project office are:

    to involve students in project activities;
    to provide a creative environment that unites students of various  programs and backgrounds, allowing to design new types of products, services;
    to carry out work aimed at increasing the students’ awareness and level of competencies in the field of project management;
    to look for ideas, initiatives for implementation, planning and project management;
    to participate  in projects aimed at the University development;
    to participate in youth, student and other competitions and grants, the strengthening of inter-university, inter-regional and international relations, as well as the development of various forms of partnership in the field of youth project activities;
    to introduce effective mechanisms for the implementation of student initiatives;
    to spread  information about the project office and ongoing projects among students of USU and other universities of Ulyanovsk.


Contact information

Address: 42, Leo Tolstoy St.,  office 36, Ulyanovsk, 432017, Russian Federation

Phone: 8 (8422) 42-61-27

Email: ulsuprojects@gmail.com

Appointment hours: Monday — Friday, 13.00–15.00