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> Office of Strategic Development

The Office was set up to coordinate the implementation of the Ulyanovsk State University Development Program the flagship university of the Ulyanovsk Region, comprising the areas of transformation and activities of the Roadmap and strategic projects.
The main objectives of the Office of Strategic Development are:

to ensure the development and administration of development programs and strategic projects.
to ensure the achievement of the indicators of Development Programs and strategic projects.
to adopt management decisions on implementation of Development Programs.
to evaluate the dynamics of FSBEI activity at USU in the course of implementation of development programs, expressed in terms of indicators.
to establish and assess the achievement of performance indicators of structural units of the FSBEI of Ulyanovsk State University, including the branch office within the framework of the Development Programs.
toprovide information, organizational and methodological support of the activities of the university's units and staff on the implementation of the Roadmap activities and strategic projects of the Development Programs.
to interact with the Departments of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Operators of Development Program Contests, regional authorities in the implementation of Development Programs.


Director, Senior Lecturer
Yankovsky Sergey Stanislavovich

Contact information:

Address: 42, Leo Tolstoy St., Ulyanovsk, 432017, Russian Federation
Phone: 8(8422) 42-61-09
E-mail: yankovskiss@ulsu.ru
Appointment hours: Fri 15.0016.00