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> Rectorate


Chairman: Kostishko Boris Mikhailovich Rector


  • Polyanskov Yury Vyacheslavovich, President
  • Baklanov Sergey Borisovich, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
  • Golovanov Victor Nikolaevich, Vice-Rector for Research and Information Technologies
  • Mingachyova Leisyan Rustyamovna,Vice-Rector forEconomic and Financial Affairs
  • Guzenko Elena Stanislavovna, Vice-Rector for Pre-University Education and Student Enrollment Services
  • Kirillova Tatyana Viktorovna, Vice-Rector for International Relations and Youth Policy
  • Shabalkin Dmitry Yurievich, Vice-Rector for Innovative Development
  • Sukhikh Sergey Vasilyevich, Vice-Rector for Administrative Affairs
  • Bolshakova Maria Grigorievna, assistant to the President of the USU Board of Trustees
  • Butov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, assistant to the Rector in expert and analytical work
  • Bely Evgeny Mikhaylovich, Director of the Institute of Business and Economics
  • Midlenko Vladimir Ilyich, Director of the Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Training
  • Borisova Svetlana Aleksandrovna, Director of the Institute of International Relations
  • Midlenko Oleg Vladimirovich, Director of the Inza subsidiary office of USU
  • Volkov Maxim Anatolyevich, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information and Aviation Technologies
  • Magomedov Arbakhan Kurbanovich, Dean of the Faculty of Culture and Arts
  • Solovyov Alexander Aleksandrovich, Dean of the Engineering and Physics Faculty of High-Tech Solutions
  • Morozov Sergey Yuryevich, Dean of the Faculty of Law
  • Mitin Sergey Nikolaevich, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Technologies
  • Belova Lyudmila Anatolyevna, Dean of the Medical Faculty named after T.Z. Biktimirov
  • Shrol Olga Yurevna, Dean of the Ecology Faculty
  • Valtsev Vladimir Vladimirovich, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Training and Exercise Therapy
  • Peskov Andrey Borisovich, Dean of the Post-Degree Medical Education
  • Lapochkina Svetlana Vyacheslavovna, Dean of the Faculty of Management
  • Romanova Irina Borisovna, Dean of the Faculty of Business
  • Vershinin Yuri Borisovich, Dean od the Faculty of Economics
  • Fefilov Alexander Ivanovich, Dean of the Faculty of Linguistics, Intercultural Relations and Professional Communication
  • Chuvashlova Marina Vladimirovna, Dean of the Russian-American Faculty
  • Radchenko Larisa Rafaelyevna, Dean of the Russian-German Faculty
  • Skovikov Anatoly Gennadevich, Dean of the Dual Degree Programs Faculty
  • Fomin Aleksand Nikolayevich, Director of the Reseach Institute named after S.P. Kapitsa
  • Parkhomenko Tatyana Borisovna, Head of the Curriculum and Instruction Office
  • Kovardakova Margarita Anatolyevna, Dean of the Teachers' Professional Development Faculty
  • Vershinina Elena Lvovna, Dean of the Zavolzhsky Faculty of Economics and Humanities
  • Filippova Svetlana Ivanovna, Director of the Medical college
  • Enaliyeva Nellie Ishmuratovna, Director of the Music School named after G.I. Shadrina
  • Yudin Andrey Vyacheslavovich, Director of the Automechanical Vocational School
  • Muravyova Elena Valentinovna, Director of the Open School Sokol
  • Burkhanova Marina Mikhailovna, Director of Scientific Library
  • Fadeyeva Tatyana Viktorovna, Head of the Economic and Financial Department
  • Lapshina Tatyana Alekseyevna, Head of the Accounting Office, Chief Accountant
  • Zhukov Andrey Viktorovich, Head of the Research Office
  • Paramonov Mikhail Alekseyevich, Head of the Office of IT and Telecommunications
  • Aleksanina Elena Nikolayevna, Head of the Personnel Department
  • Litvinko Olga Aleksandrovna, Secretary of the Academic Council
  • Maksimova Lyudmila Fyodorovna, Director of the representative office in the settlement of Novospasskoy
  • Ofitserov Petr Leonidovich, Chairman of the Student Trade Union
  • Kuzovatkina Olga Vasilyevna, Head of the Office for Document Management
  • Shabalkin Dmitry Yurievich, councillor of theRector's Office for Work with Defence complex enterprises
  • Makeyev Vyacheslav Valentinovich, Head of the Office for Resources Protection
  • Zharkov Alexander Valentinovich, Head of the Office of Pre-University Education
  • Popova Svetlana Ivanovna, Head of the Office of International Relations, Youth Policy and Social Work
  • Plotsev Vladimir Mikhailovich, Director of the Consortium USU-NIIAR
  • Lazareva Yulia Mkhailovna, deputy chairman of the USU student trade union
  • Tenkov Vitaly Olegovich, chairman of USU student council
  • Yankovsky Sergei Stanislavovich, Head of the Office of Strategic Development