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> Center of the Russian language and Culture

Center of the Russian language and Culture

Director of the Center of the Russian language and Culture Litvinko Olga Aleksandrovna


The main objectives of the Center are:

to assist in disseminating Russian and Russian culture abroad;

to provide preparatory courses for foreign citizens for training in the Russian language in a chosen degree program at higher education institutions of the Russian Federation;

to train foreign citizens to communicate in Russian in educational and professional and social spheres;

to expand a cognitive base of students by forming professional and linguistic and cultural knowledge;

to assist in psychological and social adaptation of foreign citizens to educational activity in a non-native language under conditions of the new sociocultural environment;

to assist in social adaptation and integration of migrants, in forming a constructive interaction between migrants and a receiving community;

to create conditions for adaptation and integration of migrants, including their training in Russian, legal education, informing about cultural traditions and behavior standards in the Russian Federation;

to organize and conduct testing for all certified levels, to be granted citizenship of the Russian Federation, testing for migrant workers;

to prepare migrants for passing the integration examination in Russian, history of Russia, bases of legislation.

The center of the Russian language and culture provides training courses to be prepared for a complex examination. The cost of training depends on the level of proficiency in the language and a number of people in a group.

Contact information:

Address: 42, L. Tolstoy St., Ulyanovsk, room 30
Phone: (8422) 41-66-86
Email: us@ulsu.ru
Appointment hours: 9.3012.00, 13.0017.00

checheneva.jpgDirector of the Center for Testing Checheneva Svetlana Borisovna

Executive officer for administering tests Litvinko Olga Aleksandrovna

Testers Tarasevich Anastasia Moiseevna, Goryunova Olga Nikolaevna

The Center for testing citizens of foreign countries in Russian was established in 2001at Ulyanovsk State University (it was approved by the order of the Ministry of General and Vocational Education of Russia).

Testing is administered within the Russian state system of testing citizens of foreign countries in Russian which is included into ALTE European structure of language testing. Levels of proficiency in Russian as a foreign language correspond to the levels of proficiency in other European languages.

The uniform certified system enables to distinguish a basic level (including the elementary level as a sublevel) and four certified levels. Successful passing of the test in a basic level testifies to the initial level of communicative competence. Holding of the Certificate of level Iis necessary for foreign citizens to be accepted as students in higher education institutions of the Russian Federation, the Certificate of level II is required to obtain a bachelor degree or a master graduate of the Russian higher education institution (except for a bachelor or a master-philologist), the Certificate of level III to obtain the diploma of a bachelor-philologist a graduate of the Russian higher education institution, the Certificate of level IV to obtain the diploma of master-philologist, a graduate of the Russian higher education institution that grants the right for all types of teaching and research activity in the sphere of Russian.

Since 2004the testing center has been implementing the testing of foreign citizens within the procedure of applying for citizenship status. On condition of its successful passing the testees receive the Certificate of passing the state test in Russian which is presented to the visa and registration department.

From 01.01.2013 the center offers testing services for migrant workers.

The work procedure of the USU Center of testing is stipulated by contracts with FSBEI HPE Russian University of People’s Friendship of 21.12.2012 and of 06.02.2013.

Nationalities of people participating in the Russian language test represent 26countries of the world: 16foreign countries (Germany, Hungary, Great Britain, Vietnam, China, Guatemala, Japan, Cameroon, Lebanon, Guinea-Bissau, Palestine, Cape Verde, Zambia, Nigeria, Iran, Turkey), 10 neighboring countries (Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan Ukraine, Tajikistan, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Moldova).

The center for testing foreign citizens in Russian is located at the address:

Ulyanovsk State University,

room 202, building No. 4,

Sviyaga River Embankment St.,

432036, Ulyanovsk

Phone: 37-6316(extension number 3).

In the Center of testing one can:

get necessary advising

complete preparatory courses for the Russian test

take (at will, on a contractual basis) the trial test and get familiar with its results.