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> USU students support the All-Russian campaign “Stop HIV / AIDS”

USU students support the All-Russian campaign “Stop HIV / AIDS”
2019-11-26 17:09

Sisters of Mercy and Volunteers of the USU Medical College together with the Regional Center for AIDS Prevention and Control carried out the campaign “AIDS knows everything about you. What do you know about him. " In the shopping mall  “Ashan”, information booklets were distributed, an information booth was installed and a survey of visitors was conducted. To determine the level of awareness about HIV infection, volunteers conducted an anonymous survey of visitors to the center. The questionnaire was filled out by 87 volunteers. The number of females was 55% of the respondents, men - 45%. The age of respondents is from 15 to 60 years of age. Eighty seven point five per cent of the respondents answered affirmative to the question: “Do you know HIV prevention methods?”. Half of those surveyed are convinced that the HIV virus is quickly dying in the environment. Seventy five per cent  of respondents believe that there is no vaccination against HIV. Seventy two point five per cent answered correctly to the question “Is there a chance of contracting AIDS?”. Seventy five per cent of respondents know where to take an HIV test.

The majority of the respondents have a correct idea of ​​the contagiousness and transmission of infection. The population recognizes the urgency of the problem of HIV infection and shows interest in information about it. However, there are misconceptions about HIV. It is necessary to continue  informing the population on HIV / AIDS prevention and control using all available resources.

All study participants received informational materials containing prophylactic information, addresses and telephone numbers of organizations where you can turn for free social, psychological and medical assistance in connection with HIV and related medical and social problems.

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