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USU International students select a leader
2018-02-22 04:59

On February 21, the Reporting and Election Conference of the Association of USU International Students  was held. An important issue of electing the chairman of the Association   was on the agenda. Svetlana Popova,  the Head of the Office for International Relations, Youth Policy and Social Work, welcomed the participants at the meeting. "About one thousand students from other countries are studying at Ulyanovsk State University"  Svetlana Ivanovna said, and therefore it is important that all the issues that  they deal with  should be  resolved quickly and effectively. The association is needed for this purpose. "Together we will be able to achieve the desired result."
About two hundred USU international students attended the reporting and election conference. At the meeting they were offered to choose the presidium of the association. Not all countries were able to immediately decide on the candidate, everyone was worthy of being the best. However, after the discussion, Guinea-Bissau, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Israel, Iran and India chose the leader. These students agreed to represent the interests of their state at the flagship university of the region, promptly solve emerging issues and problems. Later  the presidium will include those countries whose representatives for some reason could not attend the meeting.
Abdel Mahamad, the current head of the Association of International Students of  USU gave parting words to the future chairman. Marina Denisova, the Director of the Center for International Education  thanked Abdel for productive joint work. The chairman was elected from the members of the presidium of the association. Students conferred and voted for the most worthy candidate in their opinion. The new chairman of the Association of International Students of USU was the representative of the State of Guinea-Bissau, Luis Mendesh.

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