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> The student of the flagship university wins the chess interregional tournament

The student of the flagship university wins the chess interregional tournament
2017-09-04 05:52

The XVIII interregional chess tournament in memory of a famous Ulyanovsk chess player and teacher S.P. Khramtsov  was held at the end of August in the regional palace of  children and youth’s creativity.  Ulyanovsk State University was one of the organizers of the tournament. Forty two participants of various age categories from Ulyanovsk, Dimitrovgrad, Samara and Chuvashia competed in the tournament. Arseny Alavkin, the international chess master, the  winner and  prize-winner of various tournaments of the Volga region and Russia  from Samara headed the list of the favorites ranking. The student of the USU Faculty of Economics, master of FIDE Aziz Mirzayev was the second. Besides, the student of the Faculty of Medicine Alexander Andreyev and associate professor Marina Verevicheva also participated in the tournament.

 Aziz Mirzayev was able to gain 8,5 of 9 possible points that  allowed him to become the winner of the main tournament with classical control of time. Arseny Alavkin lagged behind him in one point  and Artem Dobrosmyslov, the candidate for the master in one and a half. In the nominations Alexander Andreyev and Marina Verevicheva became the prize-winners.

 Aziz Mirzayev demonstrated a confident game, having shown readiness for  to the following stage in the fight for a rank of the international master.