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> All-Russian online research of the youth’s attitude to a subject of political repressions

All-Russian online research of the youth’s  attitude to a subject of political repressions
2017-06-14 08:12

We invite students to participate in All-Russian online research of the youth’s opinion of political repressions in the 20th century. What is the attitude of young people to the period of repressions? How do they perceive their reasons and consequences? Is it necessary to revive a discussion about this period in our history? The research is conducted by the initiative group of students of the S.A.D.I.K student agency. (Department of the integrated communications of Higher School of Economics National Research University) and scientific and educational laboratory of political researches of Higher School of Economics,  National Research University. Online results of the study are going to be published in the leading media and presented at a press conference of the Memory Foundation  in June, 2017 in Moscow.

To participate in the poll you will have to answer questions in the questionnaire. The poll will take only several minutes of your time. We thank you for participation in this important social project of a state scale.