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> Career guidance work at Lyceum of physics, mathematics and information science No. 40 for students of the Physics and Engineering Faculty

Career guidance work at Lyceum of physics, mathematics and information science No. 40 for students of the Physics and Engineering Faculty
2017-02-21 08:32

On February 16 students 3 year students of the Engineering and Physics Faculty of high technologies who study on the additional retraining program of  “Teacher” (physics) Berkutova Olga, Matveyeva Anastasia, Marakayeva Gulsina held a contest among 9 grade students of LPMI No. 40 "Physics around Us". Students of the EPF prepared entertaining tasks on physics with the slide presentation requiring not only extensive knowledge in physics, but also motherwit. This contest  is held on a regular basis and for three successive years  for the purpose of raising interest in physics in school students and selecting the students  creative among them and capable to continue training in the 10th  grade physical and mathematical classes of LFMI No. 40. 53 school students from 9 "A", "B", "C" classes participated in the contest.

After the contest school students answered questions of the questionnaire from which followed that after holding this event  44% of participants showed an interest in physics in comparison with the initial level. Mironcheva Anna , a schoolgirl of 9 B  made a comment: “Very interesting. It is cool, better than in the textbook! Thanks”.

To a question: “Why did the students of the EPF decide to study on the additional teacher training program, they answered in the following way. Berkutova O.: “All will be useful in life. You should not miss such an opportunity”. Marakayeva G. told that she had grown up in a family of teachers, and she does not imagine other profession. At the same time, the fact that it is not obligatory to apply to a teacher's college is remarkable, and it is possible to earn a degree in this profession at the faculty within additional education. Matveeva A. noted that even if she would not work at school, that knowledge would be useful for tutorial activities and education and training of own children. The best results were shown by Chestnova Ekaterina, Mironcheva Anna, Maltsev Pavel,  Emeleev Timur, Andreyev Arseny (9B), Shabashev Valery, Kazakov Nikolay, Lavrentyeva Aleksandra (9 A), Uraltsev Vasily (9 C).

The contest was prepared and carried out under the guidance of physics teachers  of the USU specialized department of pedagogics of physical and mathematical and information and technological pre-university education.  

The winners of the contest and school students who got a sufficient number of points are recommended to be accepted as students of the 10th grades majoring in physics and mathematics at LFMI No. 40.