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> USU students are the prize-winners of the contest of the Ministry for Emergency Situations "Human factor-2017"

USU students are the prize-winners of the contest of the Ministry for Emergency Situations "Human factor-2017"
2017-02-13 06:58

On January 26 the first regional stage of the All-Russian contest "Human Factor-2017" was held in the Head Office of the Ministry for Emergency Measures of Russia in the Ulyanovsk region. Two teams of students majoring in psychology from Ulyanovsk State University participated in the contest. The teams were composed of:

The first team (bachelor degree "Psychology") - "Chip and Dale":

- Prokhorova Valentina Sergeyevna,

- Demler Ksenia Andreevna,

- Volkova Alina Vladimirovna,

- Boykova Veronika Olegovna.

The second team (master degree  "Psychology") - "Druzhina" (Band):

- Boltunova Natalya Sergeyevna,

- Kuzmicheva Maria Sergeyevna,

- Minyaylov Alexander Aleksandrovich,

- Sergeyev Artem Sergeyevich.

At the first stage participants were supposed to solve the test consisting of 60 tasks which first half contained questions on first-aid treatment, and the second - on psychological support. The second interregional stage of the contest is going to be held in March in Nizhny Novgorod in the Volga regional center Emercom of Russia, and the third stage will be held in May in Moscow within the international show of safety equipment “Complex safety-2017”.

In a team competition the second place was awarded to the team “Druzhina” of Ulyanovsk State university. In an individual classification a bronze medal  was awarded to Alexander Minyaylov, a team member of the Druzhina team.

The winners were awarded with diplomas, all participants got certificates.

“Really, such competitions help young people to check and consolidate  knowledge, - noted Mikhail Osokin, the first deputy chief of the central board.  Students with whom we work today, chose a noble profession! Requirements to psychologists are quite tough, specialization is connected with saving  people, assisting in the most difficult, emergency situations, for this purpose young specialists have to be trained thoroughly. In addition to professional activity, all this knowledge can be useful to them  in their life”.

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