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> USU students will go to Europe for practical training

USU students will go to Europe for practical training
2016-10-31 09:34

The first international congress for young scientists on medicine RE:search was held on October 19-20 in Kazan. The congress was arranged by the Charity foundation for young scientists support  Amtec Foundation, the government of the Republic of Tatarstan, the National union of students of medicine and the initiative educational project I Do Research. Young scientists in the field of medicine, engineering, medical physics and other related subjects from 50 cities of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan became participants of the congress.  Scientists from the USA, Spain, Great Britain were invited as experts.

During the scientific congress the contest of projects was organized where participants  presented their developments to experts. During the preliminary stage more than 100 applications were considered and 16 best concepts were selected, the internal stage passed in RKB of Kazan in a format of  the project defense before the commission of experts.

USU students participated in the contest with the project “Use of a Biological Feedback Technique in Correcting the Minimum Brain Dysfunctions Manifestations in Children” (authors Bergelson T. M., Abdullaev I. A., Bakhtogarimov I. R. and Medvedev A. Yu.). Young people were awarded  second place and now will go to Europe for practical training.