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> Alfa-Bank announces the beginning of the scholarship program “Alfa-Chance”

Alfa-Bank announces the beginning of the scholarship program “Alfa-Chance”
2016-09-07 06:22

Scholarship recipients can be USU first-year students admitted for budget seats of all faculties who are the winners, prize-winners, participants of All-Russian Olympiads for school students as well as the winners, prize-winners and participants of the Interregional general Olympiad who have not less than 230 points on three subjects in the USE. The Alfa-Bank scholarship  in a sum of  5000 roubles per month is granted for 2 years and awarded on the basis of the decision of the Contest Board.

To participate in the merit-based contest a nominee should fill in a questionnaire. A student who has relatives among the staff members and teachers of USU should inform about it in the questionnaire. The guardianship board of the program reserves the right to refuse the scholarship to a nominee after considering a questionnaire by the Contest Board.

The students applying for a scholarship should not be recipients of any scholarships with exception of a state or other All-Russian scholarship.

The scholarship will be paid for two years of study during which they face the most difficult time: transition to a new system of education, great mental burden, household problems, independent life.

The application deadline: till October 2, 2016

The questionnaire of a scholarship recipient- USU-AS 2016

The program is supervised by:

Ulyanovsk State University: Krainov Dmitry Valentinovich, phone 41-27-68 757392@gmail.com

Alfa-Bank: Ulyanovsk, Povolzhsky regional operational center, (8422) 34-90-90, +7 927 815 31 19, rabota@alfabank.ru, coordinator Kuzyashina Tatyana Vladimirovna.


Regional director for Information policy and public relations of OJSC “Alfa-Bank” Guseva Larisa Valentinovna,  lguseva@alfabank.ru +7 906 125 23 61, Alfa--Bank + 7 846 373 54 43