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Attention, contest!
2016-04-05 09:35

USU announces the contest of the military patriotic pictures and posters dedicated to celebration of Victory Day. The works propagandizing military patriotic education of youth and showing courage, honor, bravery, valor of the Soviet soldiers are accepted for the contest. Works can be performed by authors individually, and also as a group of authors. The works presented for the contest  are followed by an essay depicting how a picture was created and what its main idea. 

To be accepted for the contest the works should be performed on paper (cardboard) in a format from A4 (an album leaf) to A1 (Whatman paper). Pictures and drawings can be executed in any genre and with any equipment (water color, gouache, ink, pastel, computer graphics, graffiti,  mixed techniques, etc.).

The presented works have to have a label on the reverse side where data are specified: surname, name of the author (data on a group of authors), faculty, course, group, name of work. Works without indication of the required data are not evaluated. Competitive works are not returned and are not reviewed.

Works sent to the contest has to be with an application form (details – in the provision).

Terms of holding the contest:

The contest is held in two stages:

1 stage - collecting competitive works (01-30.04.2016);

2 stage – an exhibition of competitive works (05-31.05.2016)

Summing up Competition:

Winners and prize-winners of the contest will be awarded with diplomas.

Following the results of a competition in the territory of the campus of USU (Sviyaga River Embankment St.) there will take place the exhibition of competitive works.

Results of the contest are going to be provided on the official site of USU on  social networks pages of "VKontakte", "Facebook", "Twitter", "Instagram", in the Vestnik newspaper.

Works are accepted at the address:

42, L. Tolstoy St., Ulyanovsk, room 49.

Phone for reference: 41-27-68.

Contact person: Maximova Yulia Aleksandrovna, head of the department of youth policy and cultural and extracurricular activity of USU.