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>  The results of the projects competition "IT AVIA – idea, project, solution” have been reviewed!

 The results of the  projects competition "IT AVIA – idea, project, solution” have been reviewed!
2015-11-25 11:33

The All-Russian student forum of innovative engineering solutions in the aviation industry "IT AVIA – idea, project, solution!"  finished its work. On November 20 the final  part of the competition took place where the results were reviewed. The projects implemented by student design offices and other student  associations (teams of higher education institution) in interests of the enterprises and organizations of aviation branch were presented at the final meeting. Places were distributed in the following way:

Section "Development of the Operating Programs for PLC Machines(CAM System)":

Diploma of 1 degree – Alexander Neychev;

Diploma of 2 degree – Mikhail Vershilkin.

 Section "3D prototyping":

Diploma of 1 degree – Alexander Meshikhin;

Diploma of 2 degree – Alexey Ivanov.

 Section "Virtual Engineering":

Diploma of 1 degree – Alexey Govorkov;

Diploma of 2 degree – Anag Ismail Oglou Kuliyev.

Section "Engineering Calculations (CAE Systems)":

Diploma of 1 degree – Vyacheslav Vavilov;

Diploma of 2 degree – Alexander Gorbunov.

Section "3D modeling (CAD-systems)":

Diploma of 1 degree – Sergey Karaulnykh;

Diploma of 2 degree – Maria Lavrentyeva.

After the official award ceremony participants of the forum during the panel discussion discussed questions of interacting student design offices with the organizations and the enterprises of aircraft manufacturing branch. A question of support and implementation of innovative potential of students’ projects was very important.

The event was held within implementation of the program  of developing activity of Student Associations 2015.