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> Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Founded by Lomonosov Moscow State University, Ulyanovsk State University (hereinafter referred to as USU) as a multi-disciplinary, anchor regional higher educational institution and strategic center of education, science, culture, health saving, information and high technologies of Ulyanovsk Region, combining the traditions of classical and engineering education with the newest trends of Russian and global educational systems’ development, education and research with innovative activities in the sphere of high technology, directing its potential and resources towards social and economic development of the region, ensures the development of moral, scientific, technological and cultural values of society through high-quality training of specialists in all spheres of vital activity determining prospects for further development of the main sectors of economy and social infrastructure of the region. USU is a vibrant community hub that draws intellectual and cultural elite together for progress and joint development of material, scientific, humanitarian and spiritual values. Being aware of its responsibility for high-quality education, achieving the formulated goals by quality management system implementation on the basis of international standards criteria, USU continuously improves all types of its activity with due regard to the requirements and expectations of all interested parties.

Priority guidelines of the University development

The choice of the priority guidelines of the university development is determined by the objectives of social and economic development of the Ulyanovsk region, the Volga Federal District and the country in general, by needs of the state for developing critical technologies and promising areas of science, requirements of society, enterprises, institutions and organizations of various forms of ownership for high quality education, opportunities of effective use of the existing scientific and educational and innovative capacity of University, and also world tendencies of development in the field of economy, machinery and social communications.

Further development of research and innovative components demands systemic changes in the activity of University.

According to the list of the priority guidelines of development of science, technologies and engineering of the Russian Federation and the list of critical technologies of the Russian Federation, in view of the priorities in modernization of economy and the technological development outlined in the Message of the President to the Federal Assembly of Russia for 2010, current trends in development of world science and also on the basis of the personnel, scientific and educational, innovative and material infrastructure which is available at University, partner ties in Russia and abroad the following priority guidelines of development of University have been established:

"Health saving systems";

"Industry of nano-systems and materials";

"Power and energy saving";

"Information and telecommunication systems";

"Rational natural resources management".

These priority areas are key reference points of systemic development processes of education, science and innovations at University. Financial resources are allocated for the implementation of the outlined items of the Program that will allow University in a medium-term prospect to achieve significant results in each of them.

Development of the university in each of the priority guidelines of the Program will be carried out in a combination of two traditional fields of activity of classical university of multilevel education and extensive researches.

Strategy of Russia’s innovative development requires the need to establish innovative research universities of the international level as the centers of accumulation and most effective use of educational, scientific and implementation potential ready to promote breakthrough development in key branches of economy and social sphere. One of the branches demanding prime attention is the system of preservation of the person’s health and environment.According to it the University has chosen Health saving technologies as a consolidated (main) priority area in training competitive, highly qualified personnel, carrying out researches and innovative activity.

The priority area Health Saving Technologies includes such fields, as: fundamentals of medicine, biology, physics, chemistry; mathematics; non-conventional materials, including nano-materials; modern methods, technologies and equipment; information support; medicine and health care; organization and management of health care; physical culture and sport, providing healthy lifestyle; ecology of the environment and rational environmental management; methods and technologies of the social and humanitarian sphere, etc., uniting a complex the fundamental and applied research directions of the Institute of medicine, ecology and physical culture, faculty of mathematics and information technologies, engineering and physical faculty of high technologies, faculty of the humanities and social technologies, etc.

This field covers all the chain of health saving technologies from fundamental bases of their creation (physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, medical sciences, psychology and pedagogics, etc.) before application and practical implementation in high-tech industries of medicine and health care and contains socio-cultural aspects of forming a healthy lifestyle and use of health saving technologies.

Health-saving technologies potentially incorporate more than 15research schools of University in which more than 80doctors and 350 candidates of science work. Results of complex researches in the field of radiation materials science, physics of lasers, nanotechnologies, technologies of support of life cycle of researches have completely been focused on the solution of applied problems of medicine and health care, education and social security, biology, ecology and environment protection in recent years.

Objectives and goals of the university development

Strategic objective of the university development for 20112020is to achieve and strengthen positions in the group of leaders of the Russian higher education and to become as an innovative research university of the international level meeting all the criteria of a leading university, as one of the advanced centers of education, science, culture, health saving and high technologies of the Ulyanovsk region, the Volga Federal District establishing itself as a leader in the following areas:

satisfying the requirements of the developing innovative economy of the region and the districts in personnel that is competitive on the global market of knowledge and technologies, and also in providing scientific, technical and technological solutions of complex problems of territorial development and implementation of large programs of social and economic development of the region;

implementation of high-quality innovative educational programs in the sphere of secondary, higher, post-degree, postgraduate and additional professional education;

performance of basic and applied researches at high level and development on a wide range of sciences, and also bringing results of intellectual activity to practical application on the basis of integration of science, education and production;

in the field of innovative technologies by developing intellectual and material base, including the resource capacity of innovative structures as University, and partner enterprises (science and technology parks, business incubators, the innovative and technological centers, the centers of a transfer of technologies, small enterprises, business schools, etc.);

creating the developed educational, scientific, innovative and health saving infrastructure of higher education institution, joint structures with the leading scientific centers, research institutes, the enterprises and the organizations in Russia and abroad;

in the field of information and telecommunication technologies, in improvement of intellectual program and information means of support of all main processes of activity of University;

in the sphere of open education with system of remote access to the resources by means of educational portals and systems of video conferencing, including telemedical technologies;

in the sphere of quality management by creating a highly effective control system of the competitiveness of University focused on the fullest satisfaction of all groups of consumers, rational use of all resources and continuous improvement of all processes of activity, integration of University into regional, federal and international professional community;

establishment of reliable and long-term strategic partnership with public authorities of the Ulyanovsk region and local government, large enterprises, organizations and firms, structures of civil society in solution of the social and economic problems of the region;

Goals of the Programdetermine the mechanisms of achieving this strategic objective and implementing activity in the priority areas of development by means of systemic development of key resources of University educational, research and innovative processes, personnel potential, condition of the infrastructure complex, external communications and control systems. In this regard the University faces the following main objectives:

1. Modernization of educational process by transition to education according to the federal state educational standards of the 3rd generation providing orientation to requirements of the labor market.

2. Modernization of research process and innovative activity promoting high-quality training of specialists and directed at implementing projects on commercialization of hi-tech products of intellectual property.

3. Development of personnel potential.

4. Formation of a full-fledged student contingent which is trained on a wide range of educational programs of different level.

5. Modernization of infrastructure and material base providing a high level of educational, scientific, cultural and social activity.

6. Development of main scientific library and electronic publishing house.

7. Improvement of organizational structure of University and increase of management efficiency.

8. Improvement of a control system of quality of educational, scientific and innovative activity.

9. Modernization of a branch network and development of sociocultural educational university districts.

10. Integration of University into global scientific and educational and innovative networks at regional, federal and international levels.

11. Expansion of the international cooperation in educational, scientific and cultural spheres.

12. Development of the social infrastructure providing worthy working conditions, training and quality of life of employees, students and listeners of University, and also urged to realize set of legislatively fixed economic, legal and social guarantees.

13. Development of financing mechanisms of University.

USU mission