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> Wi-Fi Access Points

We inform students, teachers and guests of the university that free Internet connection is available through the Wi-fi network. At the moment there are 41access points at the university, providing existence of a wireless signal in areas of the greatest potential demand for this service. Authorization is required for Internet connection through the Wi-fi network in the main classroom building on campus in Sviyaga River Embankment, the login combination with a password are given by administrators of computer classrooms. After the password and login input it is also required to accept Regulations for network use. Authorization is not required for Internet connection through the Wi-fi network in other university buildings.
Areas of access points:
Sviyaga r. Embankment:
o classroom building 1, near classrooms 302, 315, 405, 703, 231, 237(General reading room), the lobby, the science and technology park
o classroom building 2, near room 40, the refectory, the reading room, room 24a
o classroom building 3, near rooms 123, 220, 509, the gym
o classroom building 4, near room 309, the conference hall
o the swimming pool Aquaclub
o Educational and laboratory complex, section 1,3
Goncharov St., 40, the library, computer classes, a guard room, the hall for conferences
42, L. Tolstoy St., rooms 42, 31, 4
38, L. Tolstoy St., rooms 13(2nd floor), 4th floor
7, Vodoprovodnaya St., (2,3 floors)
4a, Pushkinskaya St., near rooms 802, 610, 406
29, Federatsion St., (a computer classroom)
1, Gimov St., (Musical school)
Sviyaga River Embankment St., 158(Automotive technical school), rooms 9,38
1, K. Liebknecht (Institute of Medicine)
5, Lvovsky blvd., (Zavolzhsky Faculty of Economics)
CJSC Aviastar-SP, building 1B, 3floor, the conference hall, the laboratory of PLM-systems