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> Swimming pool "Aquaclub"

The swimming pool at Ulyanovsk State University has been constructed owing to the 500 swimming pools for higher education institutions of the country program the purpose of which is to ensure the development of mass public sport in Russia. Swimming one of the most popular and harmonious sports. Alternation of relaxation and tension of muscles, unloading of the musculoskeletal apparatus, training of cardiovascular and respiratory systems makes swimming unique training suitable for people of all age and with a various level of skills.
The first pool of the region has been constructed and equipped by means of the most modern technologies with participation of the leading companies in this field of construction of Germany and Italy. The cleaning of the artificial water basin is conducted on the optimum mode with ozonization, with water passing through gravel, sand and absorbent carbon. The bowl of the pool was built on the basis of technology, new to Ulyanovsk from corrosion-proof stainless steel 3mm. thick for which the producers give warranty of 25years. The modern multistage system of cleaning thanks to which not only the favorable sanitary regime is achieved but also decreases the concentration of chlorine that is important for the children who have allergies.

Classes in the pool are directed towards:
development and strengthening cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
training in swimming for children;
prevention of disorders and correction of posture;
removal of tension in muscles, unloading of the spinal column;
normalization of internal organs' functioning;
strengthening of a muscular corset;
improvement of muscles' nutrient supply, of organs and tissues;
ability to have a command of the body;
effective weight reduction;
organism hardening;
removal of a stress;
flexibility development;
forming of a good self-assessment and confidence in one's powers;
and many other things.
Group classes, individual lessons with an instructor, open lessons are given. A group of children from 7to 14years for training in sports and improving swimming is enrolled.
We offer classes in a gym (cardiozone), to visit a massage room, to spend actively time in the billiard hall.
For any inquiries call the administrator's office at: 8(8422) 37-0316.