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> Alumni club

Mission of the Club: “Establishing the alumni community  interacting with one other


both in the professional activity and for the benefit of USU prosperity “.

  Alumni of Ulyanovsk State University- these  are  more than 40 thousand young successful specialists who work worldwide. They are distinguished not only by high professionalism, innovative thinking, wide competence. At all times loyalty to traditions of the alma mater, corporate spirit of university was the brand identity of the USU graduate.

The higher education institution is proud of its students, rejoices at  their progress, and alumni always miss their student years, favorite teachers, the first victories which they had within these walls. This liaison shall not be interrupted because of time and distance. And that is why USU has decided to introduce one more tradition in the university history – to unite all diploma holders of higher education institution in the Alumni Club. 

We hope that membership in the  club for alumni of the classical university in Ulyanovsk will not only become an opportunity to communicate with fellow students, teachers, but also will expand their professional and personal contacts, will help in self-realization and career, will allow them to be useful to their native higher education institution with ideas and public affairs.


To become a member of the Alumni Club of USU it is required  to register and fill in the questionnaire of  a club member.