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> USU Vestnik Newspaper

Editor-in-Chief: Olga N. Nikolayeva


"USU Vestnik" is a regional weekly newspaper founded in 1989.

The founder is Ulyanovsk State University

"USU Vestnik" is only one year younger than its founder, Ulyanovsk State University, which was a branch of Moscow State University when the newspaper was founded.

Despite the young age, on the face of it, USU Vestnik is one of the oldest regional and city newspapers. In twenty years many well-known Ulyanovsk journalists went through the editorial office.

The topics of education, culture and student's life reflect on the 8-page newspaper. The similar edition which founder is the classical university in structure of the Ministry of Education of Russia still doesn't exist. The department of press and information of the region awarded to USU Vestnik several certificates of honor and prizes. In 1994it won a grant in competition of newspapers of Central Volga, held by Eurasia Fund and the All-Russian institute of the press and mass information.

"USU Vestnik" is not only a press organ of Ulyanovsk State University. It is the regional student's newspaper which is known far outside the region, thanks to the authority of the founder and image of the intelligent and versatile edition. Vestnik draws attention of readers of all generations. The number of its friends is constantly growing: except Ulyanovsk people the newspaper is read at 25universities of Russia and CIS. It was USU Vetnik's team that was entrusted the publishing of the first interuniversity newspaper of the Volga region association of the state universities. The most important pages of the edition and its heading That's us for you!, Achievements, Our trustees, "Club of graduates", Contacts, Science and practice, Uninews are devoted to USU. The main political and economic events of the country and our region are reflected under the headings: "Regional news", Topical, The magnificent seven, Economy news, Event, etc.

"USU Vestnik" is a platform for skill improvement of future journalists, advertising men, PR-specialists. Tens of students undergo practical training and work as freelance authors here.

Thanks to the development of modern technologies, the graduates of USU working in Europe and America become familiar with an online version of the newspaper on the Internet. Thus, the newspaper represents Ulyanovsk State University worldwide.

"USU Vestnik" grew up together with the university, working for its image, promoting its formation, editorial office employees contribute to the progress of the Alma Mater.

Contact information:

Address: 5, Vodoprovodnaya St., Ulyanovsk
Phone: 67-5045(fax), 67-5046(editor in chief)
E-mail: Vestnik@ulsu.ru

Appointment hours: Wednesday from 9to 17:00

Official website: http://www.vestnik.ulsu.ru/

Online version of the newspaper Vestnik

Editorial office: 432063Ulyanovsk