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> Sports and Fitness Complex

Sports and Fitness Complex

The Sports and Fitness Complex of Ulyanovsk State University is the functionally

  University sports center
 University stadium
 Swimming pool «Aquaclub»
  Tennis courts

unifying network of the University's sports facilities:

  • Sports and fitness center (a gymnasium, a workout facility, a fitness studio, an auxiliary room);
  • Stadium with artificial synthetic flooring (a football pitch, running tracks 4 × 400 m, circle tracks, and tracks on the straight 6 × 100, two basketball courts, a volleyball court, an outdoor gym, a jumping place, a 1000 seat tribune);
  • Multipurpose sports complex (a gymnasium, a wrestling court, a boxing ring, an artistic gymnastics' hall, a fitness studio, a therapeutic exercise gym and a number of auxiliary rooms);
  • "Aquaclub" swimming pool.
Tennis-courts (4 outdoor areas)

The main aim of sports facilities is regional, national and international competitions in various sports. All sports fields correspond to the European standards and are equipped with seats for spectators, VIP-rooms for coaches and referees, and a full set of special equipment. Coaching staff conducts regular high level training and educational training sessions for USU students and organizes paid services for organizations.

Sports and recreation center is widely known in the city due to the separation of its activities into three main areas:

  • development and improvement of the quality of the sports departments and carrying out of various levels competitions;
  • expanded access to fitness services and conducting fitness classes for children and adults at a fitness center;
  • carrying out  of sporting, entertainment and cultural events of the city, regional and nationwide level.

Today sports and health centre of USU is not only a successful business venture. Specialists promote sport and a healthy lifestyle in the region.

The construction of the Sports and health centre was carried out taking into account the global peers in strict compliance with building and sport standards, as well as a careful selection of sports equipment of leading manufacturers in this field. Thanks to holding high level competitions, Sports and health centre can be referred to one of the most successful projects implemented in the framework of the Federal Target Program on Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation for 2006 — 2015 years  in the Ulyanovsk region.

The sports and fitness centre has the following sports departments:

  • Fitness (disciplines: step, aerobics, strength training, pilates, yoga, dancingstyles, fitball, fitness for children). The classes are given by the following coaches: Natalia Mishina, Liliana Rodriguez , Julia Suzganova, Natalia Slobodyan.
  • Gym. Pavel Kalinin is the trainer.
  • Basketball — Mon, Wed, Fri. 4.30 −7.30. pm.
  • Volleyball — Tues , Thurs, Fri. 4.30 — 7.30 pm.
  • Football — Mon, Fri. 6.00 to 7.00. pm.
  • Table Tennis
  • In the winter time you can hire skis and skates.