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> Museum of USU History

The museum of USU history was opened in September, 2000. It is the university’s


brand identity — a real embodiment of its image. 

The museum went through certification, was registered in the Ulyanovsk regional museum of local lore and works as a cultural and educational institution.  The museum profile — is history. The number of exhibits of the main fund  for 01.01.2011 — about 2550 items. The area of the storage room — is 4 sq.m, the display area — 80 sq.m.; 541 items of stored exhibits are presented in it.

The exhibition room of the museum reflects the history of USU foundation and development, its scientific and technical base and reveals the main signs of classical education:


    — a wide range of faculties and programs in  natural science and humanities

    — a highly qualified teaching staff

    — a rapid  development of fundamental science

    — entry into the international educational space


Work of the museum is organized in the following areas:

Researches and implementation of the program «Museum as Educational Space»

This innovative direction of museum work allows to get involved  actively in the solution of educational tasks of the university. Within this program there were traditional following actions:

    — competitions and  presentations of scientific projects aimed at developing the  capacity of the Museum in modern conditions

    — museum practice for students of the Culture and Arts Faculty

    — collection and research work of students within the scientific activity of the faculty

    -  student scientific and practical conferences  on important problems

    — object lessons, master classes,  thematic excursions included in the programs of study

  A very successful beginning of the last years was «The Style in the Museum» project which purpose was a new effective model development  of the organization of students’ arts education  by means of  museum activity forms.


  Planning and holding excursions for guests, students and senior pupils


Classical forms of work are excursion and lectures with the use of museum materials, video  presentations  about USU. Apart from a sightseeing tour in the museum object lessons for senior pupils  on career guidance are conducted under the motto «Make your choice!» with the invitation of representatives of the Admission committee, administration of pre-university education, dean's offices of faculties.

Every year the staff members of the museum conduct about 200 tours for more than 3000 visitors. The annual autumn campaign «The First-year Student in the Museum» became traditional during which the first-year students of all faculties can familiarize themselves with the history of the university.

Organization and service for exhibitions


 A great interest in visitors was aroused by exhibitions:


    -«Under a  star of inspiration» where  models of children's game and sports grounds, aqua cafes,  aero cafes that were in conformity to the State Planning Committee of the territory improvement of  Sviyaga River Embankment. They were made by the students of the Culture and Arts faculty, the specialty «design».

    -fantasy and futurological exhibition on the subject «Future of the Museum of USU History», prepared by the university students.

    -photo exhibition of  the regional photo contest winners named «Ecology. Safety. Life»

    «The flower symphony» — an exhibition of artwork of the chair of cultural science department of USU, professor Mitina Irina Dmitriyevna

    — virtual exhibition «The public of  higher education institution during the war years».


The presentation of this exhibition with participation of  the Web technologies department staff   and actors of the Ulyanovsk theater for  young spectators at the regional museum festival «Volga-Volga −2008» in the nomination «River of Memory» was awarded by the diploma of the III degree.


Art lecture hall on world art culture


The museum of  USU history cooperates with the city’s museum community:

- together with the Roerich center of spiritual culture the themes have been developed and lecture hall classes are conducted «Masters of painting”. “One picture exhibition”. In 2010 classes were dedicated to creative work of outstanding Russian artists O. Kiprensky, V. Vasnetsov, and the foreign students who study at USU became listeners. The story about the pictures the copies of which had been provided by the Roerich Center, were accompanied by poetic lines, instrumental and vocal works performed by the students of the Culture and Arts faculty;

- the lectures were conducted with the use of multimedia technologies  about masterpieces of  fine arts which are being kept in the holdings of the Ulyanovsk Regional Art Museum. Among them: «D. Levitsky's portrait of Catherine II in a historical and cultural context», «An image of a flower and its transformation in the history of the European culture. «Flower still life» by A.Boskharta», etc.

- the literary and musical composition was conducted together with the museum of  urban life «Simbirsk at the end  of  the 19th  — the beginning of 20th   centuries» for students of USU with V. Nabokov's verses «Being equal to the century».


Organizational and mass work

   The museum is the organizer of meetings for students with outstanding workers in the field of culture and arts. In April, 2010 department chair of the performing arts of the Culture and Arts faculty,  associate professor Larina Lidiya Gennadyevna and  ensemble «Russian Soul»  became guests of such meeting.

    Meetings are held with the Great Patriotic War veterans, scheduled for Victory Day, May 9. The round table dedicated to the 65 anniversary of the Great Victory was organized «War history in the history of a family» with presentation of works of the humanitarian faculty students about their relatives who were at war during  war days and working on the home front.

    Creative work competitions are also held: «The students’ milieu of the 1970-s», «Portrait of my contemporary», «One step ahead» (initiation to a specialty), a political poster competition.   The Primary activity of the museum of  USU history  is aimed at collecting and storing subjects for exhibiting. Research work is carried out on the subjects: scientific and personnel potential of USU, graduates — the pride of university, USU — the center of culture and regional education, international relations of USU, etc. Staff of the museum actively introduces modern forms of work, interactive methods of conducting excursions; participate in design activity, share their experience with the regional museums. On the basis of the museum of USU history the seminar of  non-state museums took place on the subject «Use of innovative methods in organizational and mass work».   Staff members of the museum of  USU history became professional skill competition winners   in the framework of  «A museum festival — 2010» in the nomination «Education by means of Tradition».

Information on the museum of  USU history has been included in the catalog of the non-state museums of the Ulyanovsk region,  the catalog «The Ulyanovsk regional museum of local lore named after I. A. Goncharov» with the financial support of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region in the project «National Museum as a Regional Resource».


Contact information:

kruglova.jpgKruglova Galina Nikolaevna

Phone: (8422) 37-96-20

E-mail: museum@ulsu.ru

Address: 1, Sviyaga River Embankment St., Science and Technology Park,  Ulyanovsk,

Working hours: from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except Saturdays and Sundays)


 For more information visit our website.