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> Campus Housing

  Residence halls/ Hostels

The USU department of Social Work is responsible for on-campus housing. Students may apply for on-campus housing  after they are admitted. New students who are not local residents will be assigned to residence halls. The application deadline for a space in a residence hall is August, 20th. Apartments for two or four students are available for juniors and seniors. All-male and all-female living arrangements are available in the halls.

The residence halls of USU are located at the following addresses:



  1.  3, Vodoprovodnaya St. (USU campus)
  2.  31 A, Ablukova str. (medical college)
  3.  156, Naberezhnaya r. Sviyaga str. (automotive college)
  Applications for residence halls  are directed to the following addresses:
  1. 3, Vodoprovodnaya str. (trade committee of USU)
  2. 31 A, Ablukova str. (medical college)
  3. 156 ,Naberezhnaya r. Sviyaga str. (automotive college)
List of documents to provide a space in a residence hall:
  1. Applications to the President/ Principal, specifying the place of permanent residence and mobile phone number.
  2. Information about  family.
  3. Certificate of income of all working family members.
  4. Information confirming all possible types of benefits (large family — a copy of children's birth certificates, single-parent family — a copy of the death certificate, divorce, disability or parents or students, confirmation of their battle participation, etc.

List of documents for a space in a residence hall are accepted from July 1 to August 20:

  Residence hall agreements on the basis of the committee's decision are concluded in August and September of a current year.

After receiving a positive notification of the Commission  to settle a student in the residence hall,  a student should get  the health certificate from the healthcare station of USU (office. 105, educational building № 1,Naberezhnaya r. Sviyaga).

Housing fee

(3 Vodoprovodnaya st) Students with disabilities (first and second group), and orphans are exempted from paying the housing fee. The housing fee for government-subsidized students is 63.60 rubles, for extrabudgetary forms of studying  is 1393 rubles (from 01.09.2013).

31a, Ablukova st), The housing fee for government-subsidized students of medical college is 14 rubles. (for extrabudgetary forms of studying is 1113 rubles. (from 01.09.2013).

152 ,.Naberezhnaya r.Sviyaga st The housing fee for government-subsidized students of automotive college is 14 rubles., for extrabudgetary forms of studying is 1057.60 rub. (from 01.09.2013).