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> Social and Human Sciences

Social and Human Sciences

In 2017, the research teams of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Technologies

carried out research commissioned by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science in the framework of the Presidential Grant for state support of young Russian scientists candidates of sciences (headed by V. Salakhova).

Also in 2018, faculty members got support for their research in 6grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research for a total amount of about 3.3 million rubles.

In the reporting year, the faculty team published 21scientific papers in journals indexed by Web of Science and Scopus, and 9monographs. 3candidate dissertations were prepared and defended. Five All-Russian and 1regional conferences were organized and held.

The main areas of research at the Institute of Economics and Business are the development of models for sustainable development of enterprises in a non-equilibrium economy, including organizational and economic models and mechanisms of university management in a competitive environment; development of strategies, concepts and programs of socio-economic development of municipalities.

In 2018, the staff of the Institute performed research in the amount of 0.9 million rubles by order of the Agency for the Development of Human Potential and Labor Resources of the Ulyanovsk Region (headed by V. Slepova).

Institute employee Professor Gorbunov V.K. received the support for his scientific research from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

During the year, the institute’s employees published 17papers in journals indexed in the scientific citation systems Web of Science and Scopus, two of them were prepared jointly with the employees of the Center for Computer Science, 1certificate of registration of a computer program, 10monographs were published, and 1international and 1all-Russian conference.

Scientific studies of the faculty of law are carried out in the following areas: theory and history of state and law, criminal law and criminal procedure, civil law and civil process, labor law, tax, financial and information law. The results of scientific works of scientists of the faculty are presented in 4monographs. In 2018, graduate students of the faculty defended 1candidate dissertation, held 1international conference.

One of the priority areas of the research work of the Institute of International Relations

It is an activity related to the expansion of international and foreign economic relations of UlSU, active participation in long-term international projects with the aim of developing external relations of UlSU with the foreign scientific community, and the intensification of the exchange of teachers, graduate students and students.

The following research areas at the institute are developing most intensively: textology, discourse analysis, intercultural communication (Doctor of Philology, Professor S. A. Borisov); Morphotemics, Cogitology, Confrontativism, Translatology (Doctor of Philology, Prof. A.I. Fefilov).

The financing of the educational and scientific work of students of a number of faculties of UlSU was continued under the grant of the Oxford-Russia Foundation and the European Union Tempus program aimed at promoting the development of higher education systems. The amount of financing in 2018amounted to 4.91 million rubles.

During 2018, 3All-Russian conferences were held on the basis of IMO. In 2018, IMO scientists published 6articles in journals indexed in the Scopus scientific citation system and 2monographs.

In accordance with the priorities of the development of science and education, as well as the specifics of the faculty of culture and art

FCI scientists master 3conditional research blocks: study and analysis of youth trends (developed by the team of the Department of Public Relations, Advertising and Cultural Studies and has stable financial support in the framework of domestic and foreign grants); block of general humanitarian direction (research in the field of theory, history and practice of cultural policy of Russia, theory and history of literature, problems of modern linguistics); art and musical creativity (creative departments).

During the reporting period, faculty scientists published 10monographs. In 2018, graduate students of the faculty defended 1candidate dissertation, 2 regional conferences were held.

Research Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Public Relations, Advertising and Cultural Studies Goncharova N.V. supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

The main direction of scientific research by the staff of the Inza branch of USU is the analysis of the innovative development of the economy of the municipalities of the Inza district. Research work in this direction in the reporting year was carried out by order of enterprises in the real sector of the economy in the amount of 500thousand rubles.