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> Competence Center "Aviation Technologies and Aviation Mobility"

Director of the Center

Polyanskov Yuri Vyacheslavovich


Main objective of the activity in the Competence Center ATAM is to increase the efficiency of the educational, research, scientific and practical projects implementation in the field of aviation technologies (including operational) due to the system acquisition and consolidation of competences by USU employees and students, the personnel of the enterprises, their transfer in technological and administrative innovations in the conditions of concentration and coordination of scientific and educational potential and material resources of the university.

To achieve the specified goal of the Competence Center ATAM the following problems are to be solved:

- to conduct preventive pilot studies in the field of design, production and operation of aircraft taking into account the existing and prospective aviation programs;

- to perform research and scientific and practical work, to increase the amount of funding, to expand the areas and directions of the implemented projects;

- to coordinate the training programs and retraining of personnel according to the requirements of aircraft manufacturing and air-transport branches;

- to increase the efficiency of highly qualified personnel training in the fields required by the branch;

- to interact with the institutions of primary professional education (PPE) and the secondary professional education (SPE) within the programs implementation of training and retraining personnel, to do scientific and practical work in this sphere;

- to develop resource base of scientific and practical research projects.

Priority activities:

1. Development of the research and production center in information technologies of the integrated management of the aircraft equipment life cycle;

2. Development of the research and production center on organizational and technological innovations in machining production of products of the aircraft equipment;

3. Development of the scientific and educational center of prediction problems and prevention of aviation incidents in the course of organization and production of air transport;

4. Development of the research and production center of durability problems and destruction of new functional materials, products of the aircraft equipment and machine-building designs.

A special emphasis should be placed on the design activity carried out jointly and in the interests of JSC Aviastar SP within the federal purpose oriented program “Research and developments in the top priority areas for developing the scientific and technological complex of Russia in 2007−2013”. In May 2012 June 2013the project entitled “Development of the integrated automated system of information support for the aircraft life cycle of civil and cargo aviation on the basis of electronic product definition” was completed. In the course of implementing the project the information exchange was achieved with the design bureaus that are engaged in working out design documentation. Automation of the design and manufacturing preparation on the basis of electronic product definition was provided; automation of designing technological processes for the aircraft assembly was provided. At present the results are introduced into production.

Development of the integrated automated system of information support for the aircraft life cycle

Development period: May, 2012 July, 2013. Introduction and commercialization: August, 2013 2018. Funding volume: 118670 thousand rubles.

Result: Information exchange was provided with design bureaus that develop design documentation automation of the design and manufacturing preparation on the basis of electronic product definition automation of technological processes design for the aircraft assembly the scientific and practical backlog for developing the digital production system for the aircraft equipment was created. Effect: Economic effect till 2018 420,1 million rubles The cycle of the design and manufacturing preparation is reduced by 38%

Development of the ACS unit for production resources

Development period: 2013 2016. In December 2014the acceptance tests of the first stage of the system were done. Planned amount of funding: 46787 thousand rubles.

Results of the first stage (2013 2014): Ensuring planning with an accuracy about one day at the fabrication stage of parts and assembly units and implementation of aircraft assembly Ensuring the leveling optimization of labor input on manufacturing workshops Reduction of work in progress Introduction of the intra shop control system Integration of the functional subsystems based on various hardware-software platforms during the project implementation: Interaction with real sector of aviation production the ideology of digital factory is implemented a creative team of workers was set up of more than 135people: teachers, postgraduate students and staff members 40people, USU students more than 45people, the staff members of JSC Aviastar SP 50people

Objectives of the second stage (2015 2016): To provide planning according to duration of a production cycle for manufacturing shops To provide planning of the nomenclature according to an assembly assignment, start-up for manufacturing shops To optimize the planning process of the need in materials and purchased integrated parts when updating the plans To provide planning with specification before operation To make use of a semi-finished method of accounting To provide the parts list for a workplace To collect information on the main production personnel workload (PPW) in a real time operation mode To calculate the optimum production schedule (i.e. taking into account various priorities of orders)

Deputy Director, Head of the department, Associate professor
Sannikov Igor Alekseyevich


Contact information:

Address: 106, Sviyaga River Embankment St., Ulyanovsk, classroom building 1, room 414
Phone: +7(8422) 42-61-18
Email: samohvalovana@ulsu.ru
Appointment hours: Monday Friday from 13:00 14:00