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> Center for Research and Education in Psychology and Pedagogy

The Center for Research and Education in Psychology and Pedagogy is a structural department of the Ulyanovsk State University Faculty of Humanities and Social Technologies. Concerning research work the Center is under the jurisdiction of Viktor Nikolaevich Golovanov, Vice-Rector for Research, concerning study and advanced training the Center is under the jurisdiction of Mitin Sergei Nikolaevich, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Technologies.

The Center objectives and priorities:

The main Center objective is to implement innovative activities including: obtaining new research knowledge, doing joint researches and involving other institutions into the study.

The Center priorities:

  • The design of education innovative technologies and development of students' acmeological creativity;
  • The Center equipped with modern technological, software and diagnostic means for  integrated researches in the sphere of Psychology and Pedagogy;
  • The effective potential integration of the Russian Academy of Education, the Psychology Institute, Ulyanovsk State University and  others for the purpose of innovative activities design as one of the main development factors based on the newest research knowledge;
  • Creating and developing a test and experiment instrument base in the sphere of Psychology and Pedagogy;
  • Developing  education and information technologies in the scientific and academic processes as the united information base in the sphere of science, higher education and information technologies;
  • Creating new systems, methods and forms of academic activity, preparing and optimizing of education standards, programs, textbooks and teacher's books of the new generation; determining  new perspective spheres of specialization leading to the next step in education and research systems;
  • Providing of cooperation work of scientific and academic councils;
  • Design of training and retraining courses for high-skilled specialists — forecasters in the sphere of Psychology and Pedagogy;
  • Organizing and holding  non-budget guest lectures, seminars, trainings connected with different institutions, organizations, companies of the region;
  • Executing systematical and integrated diagnosis of personal and professional University students, postgraduates and professors' development;
  • Creating  the modern software library for the Psychology department;
  • Design of inspection acts, making clients profiles and study materials for psychological consultations and enlightenment;
  • Design of the technologies for Psychology and Pedagogy regulating and correcting  the personality during study process;
  • Involvement of talented youth in work of the Education and Research Center including students and postgraduates training and their assignment in the sphere of science and higher education.

Center duties

According to the priorities the Center duties are:

Academic duties:

  • Organizing and holding of retraining courses for USU and Volga Region professors in the sphere of the Psychology and Pedagogy innovations;
  • Organizing of experience sharing between professors and teachers;
  • Practical training for students and postgraduates.
  • Research duties:
  • Defense of graduation projects, theses and dissertations;
  • Testing field;
  • Accomplishment of research projects granted by RFBR, RHSF, TACIS, The Fulbright Program, federal and regional target programs.
Commercial duties:
  • Design of the multi-access center;
  • Consulting services;
  • Facility services;
  • Checking professional and managing skills of municipalities, departments, companies and organizations of Ulyanovsk and other Russia regions specialists, executives.

The Center for Research and Education in Psychology and Pedagogy cooperates with The Federal Child Development Research Centre (Research Centre for upbringing problems, the formation of a healthy lifestyle, prevention of drug addiction, and the socio-pedagogical support of children and youth), Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Living Systems Research Center, Examination and Innovation Research Center (the city of Moscow), All-Russian Center for Gifted Children, Ulyanovsk Regional Ministry of Education.

Center location: 50 Minaeva st., Ulyanovsk,