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> Center for Research and Education in Philosophical Sciences

The main purpose of the Centre is modern fundamental research in philosophy, research and academic work on innovations elaboration and implementation in professional philosophical education.

The Centre's work is based on scientific research based on innovational technologies in philosophical sciences, development of the guidelines for using acquired scientific results and implementation of the methods based on them in academic activity, higher qualification of the teaching personnel, further vocational education.

The tasks of the Centre are as follows:

  • all-round development and implementation of the innovational methods and forms of the scientific and educational technologies integration, providing high-quality and immediate resolution of the fundamental philosophical problems;
  • successful integration of the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ulyanovsk State University and faculties of philosophy of Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, Novosibirsk State University and other leading universities of the Russian Federation in philosophical sciences, aiming at innovational work as one of the main factors of scientific development;
  • carrying out free outdoor lectures, seminars and conferences with various educational institutions and organizations;
  • cooperation of scientific and academic boards
  • Engaging talented young people in the Centre's work including training and internship of the talented students and post-graduates, закрепление их в сфере науки и высшего образования;
  • development of the educational information technologies in scientific and academic activities as a united informational base in science, higher education and innovational activity;
  •  approval of new educational systems, methods and forms, new improved educational standards, programs, next generations textbooks; new determined directions of specialization profile resulting in new level of academic system;
  • preparation and testing of the syllabuses with due regard to innovational technologies, including advanced training and further educational services;
  • carrying out scientific and methodological activities: academic conferences, seminars, roundtable discussions on immediate problems and promising directions for the development of philosophy;
  • carrying out research activities and services on Centre's work problems by means of various funding sources;
  • preparing scientific works (monographs, articles, bibliographic material)