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> Center for Nanotechnology and nanomaterials

 In response to an initiative of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region of setting up a regional center of nanotechnologies, and also the order of the President of Russia of April 24, 2007 «About the strategy of developing the nanotech industry» (No. Pr-688), «The center of nanotechnologies and materials» was set up at Ulyanovsk State University.

The personnel foundation for forming the center was provided by  Ulyanovsk State University which conducts  advancing training of elite high level specialists  on the basis of integration of education, scientific researches and production.

26 schools of thought have been set up at USU from which 6 (Gadomsky O. N., Sementsov D. I., Bulyarsky S.V., Gurin N. T., Svetukhin V. V., Kostishko B. M.) work in the field of nanotechnologies and materials. In total 12 doctors of science specialize in the field of nanotechnologies, behind each  there is a department, school of thought or a working group.

The scientific works of the Ulyanovsk region  researchers  prof. O. N. Gadomsky and  prof. D.I.Sementsov devoted to optics of nanoparticles are well-known to scientific community. The researches on nano-porous silicon conducted under the guidance of  prof. B. M. Kostishko are sure to be promising. Theoretical fundamentals of kinetics and thermodynamics of nanostructures formation  in solid bodies have been laid by Bulyarsky S.V. and Svetukhin V. V. in their works. Researches of radiation nanotechnologies are conducted under the leadership of Golovanov V. N., Risovany V.D., Svetukhina V. V.

Personnel foundation to establish the center was Engineering and Physics Faculty of high technologies, Faculty of Mathematics and information technologies, Faculty of Medicine, and also research associates of NIIAR, etc. organizations of the region working in the field of nanotechnologies, materials science, modeling.