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> Research Strategy

The priority areas of science and innovations at USU. The choice of research priority areas at USU is determined according to the tasks of social and economic development of the Ulyanovsk Region, Volga federal district and the whole country. It is determined by the needs of the government in development of emergency technologies and prospective branches of science, by demands of the society, enterprises, institutions and organizations of various property categories in high standard education and effective use abilities of true academic and innovational potential of the university, and also by world tendency for development in economical field, technical field and social communication. These tasks outline  priority branches in making competitive and skilled personnel, conducting scientific researches, creating promising technologies and implementing the USU innovation activity:

  1. aircraft technologies and airplane mobility;
  2. laser processing technology and nanotechnologies;
  3. radio technologies;
  4. health saving technologies and ecology;

The research priority areas became the main guidelines in the system of development process in education, science, innovation at USU. The financial resources are concentrated and allotted to implementation of this program's branches. It helps university obtain the significant results in all these branches in a medium-term prospect.

These branches unite more than 15 scientific schools of USU. More than 80 Doctors of Philosophy and more than 350 candidates of Science work in these branches.

The development of USU in all these priority branches of the program is implemented according to two traditional fields of activities of classical university (multilevel education and scientific researches).

Branches of research work and development activity of USU academic departments.

The Research Institute of Technology named after Sergei Kapitsa (Russian physicist and demographer) was established with a goal to solve the problem of work coordination and unite scientific potential of scientists in research priority areas of USU. This Institute includes the Center of Nanotechnology and Materials, the Center of Cooperating using of Scientific Equipment, research laboratories, departments' scientific laboratories and centers.

These departments more frequently unite potential of scientific groups within separate projects. They pursue their own scientific studies. USU groups do their research within this area:

Natural sciences, exact sciences, technical sciences and applied sciences

  1. physical-mathematical science; technical science
  2. applied mathematics and information technologies
  3. chemistry; biology; medical sciences
  4. social science and arts