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> Integrated medical, biological and social study of man and society

Goal: Explore the issues of human well-being, health care, disease education and prevention, nature preservation and conservation, environmental protection; provide evidence to support new health enhancing and sustainable development technologies.


  • Monitor and make predictions regarding the state of health of the younger generation
  • Develop drug abuse prevention and education technologies
  • Provide distance blood pressure and cardiovascular monitoring
  • Develop quantum therapy methods for treatment and prevention of various diseases
  • Provide scientific evidence for effective health promoting technologies
  • Develop methods of monitoring and predicting changes in the noosphere induced by anthropogenic factors
  • Provide evidence for and develop new environmental protection technologies.

Research leader

Vladimir I. Midlenko MD, professor, Distinguished Educator of Russian Federation. Director, Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Education; Chair, Hospital Surgery Department. Chair, Thesis Defense Committee for internal diseases, cardiology and pathoanatomy.

Research interests:

  • Pathogenesis and treatment of ulcer complications
  • Treatment of acute cholecystitis, pancreatitis, cholelithiasis. Pathogenesis and treatment of erosions of upper gastrointestinal tract.
  • Surgical endotoxemia. Prevention and treatment of multiple organ failure in patients with abdominal sepsis.
  • Clinical and pathogenetic significance of cytomegaloviral infection associated with appendicular peritonitis.
  • Treatment of kidney stone disease and urogenital infections.
  • Ostiosynthesis.

Author of over 255scientific publications, 6monographs, 5teaching manuals, 10patents.

Co-organizer of 15conferences, thesis advisor for 28former and 16current PhD students.

Ulyanovsk 432063, 1Liebknecht St.
Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Education
Ulyanovsk State University
Tel.: (8422)32-29-80