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> Student Bureau of Science and Technology (SBST)

SBST carries out research projects and work together with various enterprises and institutions, as well as guides initiative projects. The activities of the SBST units are aimed at preparing students during the period of study for practical activities with the aim of shortening the period of young professionals’ adaptation in the workplace.
Work in the SBST is carried out in accordance with the plan approved by the director of the Center for Competence “Digital production of high-tech products in mechanical engineering”.
The purpose of the SBST activity is to increase the level of professional and creative preparation of students, to improve the forms of attracting young people to scientific research, to use the creative potential of students to solve important problems of science and production.
SBST objectives:
to create favorable conditions for the formation of a highly professional and creatively active personality of the future specialist;
to develop and create integrated automated information systems for the life cycle of aviation technologies;
to develop modern organizational and technological methods for the machining production of aviation technology products;
design, modeling and calculation of designs of aircraft technologies from composite materials;
to participate in the work of Russian and regional associations of SBST.
In accordance with the main tasks the SBST performs the following functions:
organization of temporary creative teams to perform research and development work under contracts with enterprises and organizations;
conducting own developments of new technologies, equipment, devices, software, etc.;
organization of scientific, design, technological development of inventions created both in SBST and other persons, production and testing of existing models;
selection of students and the formation of theoretical and practical developments for their further scientific activities;
providing consulting services in the field of high technologies and entrepreneurship;
conducting scientific expertise of inventions, discoveries, technical solutions and projects;
organization and holding of seminars, meetings, conferences, schools, internships for specialists;
organization of information technology and advertising and publishing activities, including the publication of educational, scientific, informational, advertising, art and publicistic printed materials;
assistance in the exchange of advanced technologies and scientific and technical achievements between Russian and foreign experts in the field of modern technologies of equipment and software;


Blumenstein Alexey Alexandrovich
Director, Assistant, Junior Researcher

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Address: 106, Sviyaga River Embankment St.
Phone: 32-00-15
E-mail: it-avia@ulsu.ru
Appointment hours: 9: 0010: 00