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> Research and Education Center in the field of Neurology

The Research and Education Center in the field of Neurology (hereinafter referred to as REC) was established in 2017 (the Decision of the Academic Council of Ulyanovsk State University dated May 23, 2017, Minutes No. 13/246) and is a structural subdivision of the Office of the Vice-Rector for Research and Information Technologies of the Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher education “Ulyanovsk State University” (hereinafter — USU). The REC is an organizational form of integration and coordination of educational, scientific, and innovative potential of USU and the Scientific Center of Neurology (hereinafter referred to as NCN) for joint activities in educational and research activities, including international activities and the popularization of scientific knowledge. The SEC is designed to unite and coordinate the efforts of the Ulyanovsk State University and the National Research Center to conduct research and organize educational activities in the framework of solving theoretical and applied problems in the field of neurology. Institutions, faculties, laboratories and other units of the USU and the National Research Center, which carry out scientific research and organize the educational process, take part in the work of the REC. The leading domestic and foreign scientists and specialists of the Ministry of Health are involved in joint work.

The head of the SEC: Mashin V.V., Professor, MD.


The main areas of activity of the REC and the staff of the department can be divided into the following:
1. joint scientific research in the field of neurology.
2. involvement of top domestic and international scientists, specialists of the Ministry of Health system for cooperation.
3. educational and scientific activities of students and clinical residents

 Contact information:
Address: 42, Leo Tolstoy St., 432017, Ulyanovsk

Phone: +7 (8422) 454552
E-mail: victor_mashin@mail.ru
Appointment hours: Monday 10: 30–12: 00