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> Electronic Publications Department

Head of the Department — Anastasia L. Kasalinskaya

The need to regulate legal and organizational aspects of developing in USU modern learning packages with common structural and conceptual, hardware and software, and designer basis, as well as of developing electronic educational resources led to establishing of the Department for Electronic Publications in September, 2002. Education and Methodics Association in USU improves the university's image, makes the university more competitive and the educational market wider, creates opportunities for USU's integration into the common educational environment of the academic community. As computer technologies, regional and Russian telecommunications infrastructure develops, public access to the Internet widens, and eventually the educational market becomes more global, its own Education and Methodics Association will allow USU to introduce and employ the most advanced electronic (CD-ROM courses, computer teaching programmes) and network (the Internet, Intranet) educational technologies in the near future. To facilitate integration and information exchange in the common information space the university pay considerable attention to standardization of educational technologies and elements in compliance with the world technological standards.

The Department for Electronic Publications analyzes the existing technologies of building of electronic training aids packages and the most effective principles of their development, forms the common ideology and devises methods for creating its own structured electronic courses and other multimedia educational resources, and develops standard requirements to the course structure.

Contact information:

Address: 9a, the 12 of September St., room 103 

Phone: (8422)30-06-15

E-mail: orei@ulsu.ru

Appointment hours: 09:00–12:00, 13:00–17:00