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> Special Department

Chief of the Special Department

Portnova Olga Removna


Contact information:

Address: 106, Sviyaga river Embankment Str., building 1, room 202

phone: (8422) 37-6318(extension number 5)

e-mail: spmob@ulsu.ru

The special department was established on the basis of the decision of the USUAcademic Council of November 25, 2009(protocol No. 4/154), Rector’s order of December 11, 2009No. 876, by means of reorganizing the department of special and mobilization work in the Resource protection administration of USU. The newly established department was withdrawn from the structure of the USU Resources Protection Administration for the purpose of direct subordination to the Rector, from December 01, 2009. Activity of the department is aimed at implementing measures for the state secret protection.

Main objectives of the department:

providing the secrecy order set at the university;

conducting confidential office-work