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> Mobilization Department

Chief of the Mobilization Department

Krasnov Alexander Semyonovich


The mobilization department was established on the basis of the decision of the USU Academic Council of November 25, 2009 (protocol No. 4/154), of the Rector’s order of December 11, 2009No. 876, by means of reorganizing the department of special and mobilization work in the Resource protection administration of USU. The newly established department was withdrawn from the structure of the USU Resources Protection Administration for the purpose of direct subordination to the Rector, from December 01, 2009.

The main objectives of the mobilization department are:

development of the mobilization plan for an academic year on the organization of educational process of the university;

development of the transition plan to work in the wartime conditions;

development of the plan of measures for mobilization training;

organization of exemption from active duty for the citizens transferred to the reserve;

organization of the military accounting for the citizens transferred to the reserve, and the citizens (students) who are subject to conscription;

Contact information:

Address: 106, Sviyaga River Embankment St., building 1, room 201a, Ulyanovsk,

Phone: (8422) 37-6318 (extension number 4)

E-mail: spmob@ulsu.ru