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> Control and Auditing Department

Chief of the Control and Auditing Department

Mukharyamova Elvira Narimanovna


Functions of the control and auditing department:

control of use of the federal budget means, off-budget funding including the funds intended for performance of works, purchase of goods and rendering services;

control of the procedures of drawing up and USU budget control, justification of calculations in a cost estimate plan;

control of target use of property, goods and equipment values which are on USU balance;

control of keepin financial (budget) accounting and reliability of accounting (budget) records;

control of observance of procedures of purchases of goods, works and services for needs of USU, including carrying out anti-corruption examination;

preparation and introduction of proposals directed at increasing productivity (efficiency and economy) use of budge and off-budget funds;

development and introduction of proposals on application of quality criteria of financial management;

introduction of proposals on strengthening of financial and economic discipline.

Contact information:

Address: 42, Leo Tolstoy St., room 29

phone: 41-0685

e-mail: upzr_kro@ulsu.ru