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> Student Research Work Division

Head of the division - Semyonova Elena Viktorovna


Scope of activity:

-identifying gifted students;
monitoring and organization of student scientific and educational work with the Training and Methodological Department;
-organization of student scientific conferences, festivals, creative contests;
-organization of work of student scientific seminars together with the deputy directors / deans for scientific work, the Council of graduate students and young scientists;
-interaction with the Council of postgraduate students and young scientists.

Participation of students in research activity is an indispensable element in the training of future specialists in the classical university. The main goal of the research work of students is the formation and strengthening of the creative abilities of students, the development and improvement of the forms of attracting young people to scientific, design, technological, creative and innovative activities that ensure the unity of the educational, scientific and educational processes for improving the vocational and technical level training of specialists with higher education.
In the Development Program of the university for the period 20172021student research work is implemented as part of the research activity. "Development of new forms of involving students in scientific and practical and research activities; increase in the proportion of students taking part in R & D; formation of basic research competencies and entrepreneurial vision of technology ":
Research Activity 4.1. Development of the activities of student design and scientific and technological bureaus;
Research Activity 4.2. Development of the Umnik Club activities of USU;
Research Activity 4.3. Involving students in R & D.
The scientific work of students at the university is carried out in the following forms:
1. Scientific research work of students in the framework of the curriculum for training a specialist, bachelor, master.
2. Scientific research work of students, performed during extra-curricular time, which includes:
activity of student scientific circles, scientific seminars;
participation of students in university, regional, interregional, All-Russian and international conferences, subject olympiads and contests in the field specific area, (and special attention should be paid to organizing similar events held at the university);
publication of the results of scientific work in the journals (local, refereed, central and foreign) carried out in the framework of the SRW;
participation of students in scientific research carried out in the framework of grants and business contracts and patent activities.

Contact information:

Address: 42, L. Tolstoy St., Ulyanovsk, room 26

Phone: (8422) 41-2086, internal 228

E-mail: semenovaev@ulsu.ru

Appointment hours:

9.0012.00, 13.0017.00